Saturday, 20 June 2009


The highlights of the summer months in London are here.
They are Trooping the Colour parade which takes place every June ; to mark the Queen's official birthday and The Royal Ascot Horse Racing Festival, also in June.
After watching the Trooping of the Colour, several times , over the years , one would think I had seen enough of it. But the beautiful array of the troops and their horses in all their fine attires and colours, the music from their bands and the troops' intricate marching steps have never failed to fascinate and thrill me.
Most of the years past , because of time constraints, I chose to watch just snippets of the parade on TV but sometime I go to the parade ground , the Mall and Buckingham Palace on a fun-filled outing with friends and family.
It is a favourite outing for most people, especially children .
Usually there is a massive crowd at the parade and the Palace on such occassions; thousands of them are tourists from all over the world.
Last year,I was at the Parade grounds and the Mall to watch the parade and to cheer the troops and the Queen.
I had guests from outside England, so it was an excellent treat and sight-seeing for them and I enjoyed every bit of the atmosphere there.
Usually , the high points of the Parade for me are seeing the Queen and her carriage and seeing the Colonel Princess Royal, Princess Anne; all dressed up , on her magnificent horse, barking out parade orders at her men and then strutting majestically with elaborate gestures; saluting as she rode past the Queen's podium.
This year,the Queen was 83 and Trooping the Colour was last Saturday, June 13th while the Royal Ascot started on Sunday.
I watched both on TV from home and it was almost as good as been there.
The weather was gloriously sunny. It was a spectacular display , as usual, but it wasn't as exciting as being there, physically, in the thick of the action; with my camcorder!
Looking forward to next year's Parade.
Here is wishing Her Majesty, the Queen many happy returns of her big day and long may she reign. Amen.

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