Wednesday, 8 September 2010

ADIDAS 2010 Women 5k Race

Once again , Hyde park , London hosted the annual Adidas Women 5k run.
This year's event took place last Sunday, 05 September 2010.
It featured over 15,000 women from allover the world ; racing to raise funds for various UK charities.
Millions of pounds were raised , even before the race started .
As usual , it was a fun-filled atmosphere for the runners and their families and friends !
For Soul-winners , it was a unique opportunity to preach the Gospel of Jesus to the thousands who thronged the venue.
Evangelical groups and individual preachers had a field day ( literally !) as they ministered the Word.
The lovely mild weather completed the beautiful atmosphere.
This year's event , as usual, was a celebrity –studded event.
In attendance were many female celebrities from the sporting , film , TV and Fashion world ; who joined the race to raise funds for their various charities.

Linet Masai of Kenya , 10,000 metres former world champion , who came 2nd last year won this year’s 5k race in 15.06 minutes.
Sylvia Kibet of Kenya and Stephanie Twell of the UK , came 2nd and 3rd in 15.10 minutes and 15.32 minutes ; respectively.
Like last year and the previous years , I joined the 5 kilometre race to support the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research .
I am impressed by the latest advances in Breast Cancer Research and I believe this Charity is doing a good work in medical research which calls for more support from all.
Testimonials about the exciting research work during the year and about how the previous years’ donations have benefited Breast Cancer research and brought about breakthrough discoveries in making positive impact on human lives can be seen on their various websites.
Donations are welcome and can be made on the Breast Cancer research Charity’s website, even after the race .
May God bless you all , for your support in helping to save lives and giving thousands of afflicted people a second chance to quality living

Happy New Year !