Sunday, 26 April 2009

"Ne'er cast a clout till May be out !"

Warm weather does make the difference!
I have noticed how it puts smiles on faces and springs in peoples' steps .
Waking up to see bright sunny skies ; to feel the warmth of sunshine would make any body's day.
I have woken up many days in the past week giving thanks for beautiful weather
After months of wintry cold; what else could I wish for? Not much. Certainly not a sudden change in a perfect weather!

Weathermen and ladies do commendable jobs to make forecasts as accurate as is humanly possible. So their competence is not in doubt. What is in doubt is man's ability to keep the weather in check ; to make it conform to initial forecasts!
There are sceptics who are not impressed with any show of early morning blazing sunshine. Neither are they reassured by the relatively reliable weather forecast for the day , promising " fine weather"
What is it in me and millions of other commuters in the City of London which makes us go out with top coats and brollies (umbrellas) in hand every day, even when driving and despite early pointers to a fine glorious day?
Why do we saddle ourselves the extra baggage of coat on arm and brolly in bags?
Is it lack of faith or is it caution or wisdom when I listen to the weather man or lady as they reel out their forecasts of "warm weather , slight showers , with sunshine in between" and like millions of people, I'ld smile to myself and make sure I go out with a coat and a brolly?
We go out "dressed sensibly" not because we disregard the weatherman's efficiency; but because we know that the "warm , sunny morning" could change , suddenly, even within the next one hour!
Change to the "normal English weather" of dark clouds and chilly weather.
One morning, last week , I laughed at the weather man's usual rambling on the news because I remembered someone, recently, describing her estranged husband as "unreliable and undependable as the English weather!"; and vowing to sue him for children support claims for their two children.
Advice to her to be patient and consider other options than litigation , fell on deaf ears!

Oh , poor English weather ! People are always complaining about the weather!
When it is cold and rainy, people call it " sad, miserable weather!"
Blazing hot summer days are not welcome in England because of humidity and the fact that there is an absence of air conditioning in most public places.
The shortest journeys on the Tube and buses are very unpleasant adventures not for the faint hearted!
It has always been complaints galore in the summer.
I remember last year April was unusually, above- average hot(11.6C/ 52.2F).
Quite unusual for spring in London and at the height of it the heat did become unbearable for many people.
The Metropolitan Police officers had to go on a radio talk show to appeal to people to stop calling and jamming their phone lines to complain about the hot weather.
Some of such calls to the police were aired by the talk show host. The complaints were as amazing as they were bizarre.
Someone had called the police to complain that she couldn't think straight , she was dizzy and aggravated because of the heat!
A woman called to say she couldn't find her cat and her glasses.
Others called to complain that they were sitting at home, or out and about shopping , or standing at the bus- stops and train stations and the heat was unbearable for them.
They were calling to inform the Police to do something about the heat.

As for being "unreliable and undesirable" ; that reputation has stuck to the English weather for centuries.
In fact ,unfavourable weather has cost England billions of pounds in tourism revenue and even recently , England lost out to South Africa in the hosting bid for the International Cricket tournament.
The "plus" for the weather is that it makes England what it is ;
a fair , green and pleasant land of beautiful, green rolling pastures.
A dream destination for many ; despite its unpredictable weather!
A centuries-old English adage about the weather is ;
" Ne'er cast a clout till May be out!".
"Button to chin , till May be in
Cast not a clout till May be out !"

Never go out without a coat or brolly until the end of May .
And to be warm , NOT sorry; preferably, not until well into June!
Enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Thanks to all you guys and dolls who volunteered to give our friends at the Euston Centre a wonderful sight-seeing day-out today.
You've been there, always, all year long.
May your joy be full, always.
As if to say " Well done!", the sun shone brilliantly, today!
The Lord is pleased ,indeed, with a cheerful giver.
His grace is our strength .Amen
The driving force in giving to others is the knowledge that we give because we have been given.
And the sight of happy smiling faces; knowing we have contributed to that.
Glad today went smoothly! We made it and the weather behaved itself!
If you could see me now , grinning like the cat that got the cream ;because I've had a fabulous weekend.
Bertie and Callum , thanks for being everywhere and taking care of everybody.
Shirley,Pete for lunch on Easter Monday and for the today's fantastic gift; thanks!
Ayomike; for that long, hilarious chat and all that stuff, I say "hay , ho!" .
- Thanks to Lesley and Simon for your beautiful card and my favourite fragrance.
- Siobhan ,I believe it is well with you and you will get soon .
I am looking forward to many days like this with you all,in the near future.
I hope you liked your gifts.
Specially chosen for you ; because you are worth it. Cheers

Thursday, 16 April 2009


The elderly are a significant part of out society. Statistics show that people are living longer and the population of the elderly is rising.
However , the elderly are mainly retired and house-bound. Since they are not as visible as other segments of the society, they tend to be overlooked in the general scheme things.
Being house-bound is the cause of loneliness and boredom for the elderly.
Life could be much easier and more meaningful if more people are involved in ensuring that the elderly maintain human contact with the society.
Access to computers and computer literacy are effective ways of being actively involved in the world around us.

Some would wonder why the elderly should bother themselves with complicated computers, softwares and digital equipment. Is this not way-out of their league and their attention span? Can they cope?
Someone had fits of laughter when I told him I was teaching my 73 year-old friend how to use the computer.
There is this general misconception that all old people have gone "soft in the head" and have "child-like minds".
This impression is as untrue as it is unfair.
People who have cared enough to befriend or interact with the elderly , have been pleasantly surprised. They have discovered that many pensioners are intelligent and quite articulate. Some are eager to learn how to use all the latest electronic gadgets. Even the ones who have become frail due to age and ailments , are still witty and can hold their own ground when discussing most topics.
All they need is someone who would care enough to find time to talk to them. Help them understand all these changes going on around them !
I take exceptions to the widely held disrespectful views that the elderly are "past it", are no longer useful and as such should be seen and not heard.
Often , I hear people make rude comments like "dinosaurs", "relics", "slow" etc; when referring to the aged.
Time,for most people,is scarcely enough .They are too busy to talk to elderly people!This dismissive attitude towards the elderly underlines the need for them to begin to enjoy the independence which computer literacy gives.
For a better quality of life, the elderly need computers, computer software and computer training.
This would enable them do basic things like sending and receiving Email, writing and printing letters, printing photographs, doing their shopping online and checking their card and bank acconts and balances and making online payments.
They could overcome loneliness by spending their time surfing the Internet.

For the elderly who are willing to"learn new tricks"and move ahead with the rest of humanity, there is indeed a new lease of life.
However, many old people are unwilling to be involved with digital telecommunications and information technology.
Gadgets like computers, mobile phones and digital equipment are viewed with suspicion and fear by most of our elderly folks.
One 73 year-old woman told me that her 78 year-old husband discouraged her by warning her that only criminals- fraudsters and whores use the Internet!

Apart from access to computers , the elderly also need human contact which computers cannot give them. No human being should be isolated.
We all know at least one lonely pensioner in our neighbourhood or else where.
I believe in befriending such people. More people should do that.
Occasionally , stop and talk to them. At Christmas,Valentine Day , Mothers/Fathers day,Easter or on their birthday , surprise them ,go to their doors with a bouquet of flower or a box of chocolates, a cake and a smile and kind words!
Everyone will grow old and frail. In fact we all age every day.
What comes round, goes round .

Agreed, some of our senior citizens could have unpleasant attitudes.
Some of them refuse to wear hearing aids and they do forget appointments,dates time and cannot remember faces and even names.
Most people find these tendencies in the elderly very irritating .
The elderly should not be blamed for these faults which are off-shoots of the ageing process.
Years ago, I had an elderly neighbour, Flo,who has now " fallen asleep".
Sometimes, she would refuse to open her door to people who came to her door to keep appointments with her or to deliver mail or other stuff.
People like community nurses, social workers, her friends , her children, grandchildren,neighbours, cleaners, delivery men and post men!
She didn't always hear her doorbell and when she did ; she would take ages to come to the door. Sometimes , she refused to open her door.
The exchanges with her were like :
Door: Ring ,ring.....
Flo: "Who is there? Do I know you? No! Go away!"
Visitor : "It's me .Your son / daughter, or from ----- department or store ".
Flo: "No go away! You cannot come in here . I am calling the police now".
That is putting it mildly. Usually her loud threats would be laced with swear words ,racial name-calling and insults!
She did call the police, a number of times; to arrest even her family and friends.
Some of her visitors,who understood what she was ON about; would stand at the door,trying to calm her down until she agreed to open the door.
When she did, she would be all smiles , hugging people and offering to go and put the kettle on; as if nothing had happened!
Her visitors who she denied entry; left, angry and disgusted; vowing never to return!
Later , Flo would be on the phone to their offices, complaining that she had been waiting for hours and nobody turned for the appointment!

There are many elderly people like Flo, with disabilities ; but these are exceptions.
A high percentage of the elderly ,even those in their eighties , are agile , healthy, and sharp-witted. They are a mine of experience and useful tips.
In certain aspects of life , some of them "have seen it all".
Even Flo , blessed me with lots of her fantastic recipes and very useful books .

It is heartwarming to know that there are persons and groups out there who are making it their business to assist the elderly to live life to the full and be actively involved in events in their communities. Many thanks to them.
There are lot of good inventions in the market nowadays which make life more pleasant for the elderly .
Some computer companies have invented larger LCD screens for more clarity and larger prints for the elderly. These are commendable inventions.
Computers which are easy to plug in , install and easy to use without frequent "help calls" to technicians would be ideal for the aged.
Because of their thoughtful inventions for the elderly, when the present-day inventors grow old and frail; in their twilight years, much improved, latest editions of their inventions will give them a befitting retirement.
May they reap the fruits of their good deeds.
May the Creator of human intellect impact and increase his insight into the minds of all inventors of good things. Amen

Tuesday, 14 April 2009



First Dog Bo , faced the world press yesterday; Easter Monday ; for the first time
Isn't he hot! (Like his owner!)
Chosen by Senator and Mrs. Kennedy , as a gift for Sasha and Malia Obama.
On arrival at the White House, lucky Bo was seen being cuddled by the American President and his family . Then taken for a short run by the President,along the corridors of power!
Being the First family's pet, makes six months old Bo,the world's number one dog.
What a glorious beginning of life for this AAA-list celebrity dog!
I bet Bo's screaming female fans can't wait to get their hands on him.
His fan club has been swelling since his debut appearance.
Here is wishing gorgeous Bo an exciting and gliterring career in the White House.


I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me ,though he were dead, yet shall he live.
And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this? John 11:25, 26.

I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6.

Jesus lives! The power of his Resurrection makes us ALIVE;
in every sense of the word .
The finished work of Jesus has made us as LIVELY STONES,a built up SPIRITUAL HOUSE , A HOLY PRIESTHOOD qualified to enter the inner sanctum of his presence to offer up spiritual sacrifices , acceptable unto God by Jesus Christ.
To us believers , because of what Jesus has done for us; the name of Jesus Christ , his person and his words are sweeter and more desirable than the honey comb. They are more fragrant than a garden of spring roses and lavender!
6.Wherefore also it is contained in the scripture , Behold,I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect , precious: and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded.
7.Unto you therefore which believe he is precious: but unto them which be disobedient,the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner,
8 And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, [even to them] which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed.
9 But ye [are] a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:
10 Which in time past [were] not a people, but [are] now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.1 Peter 2: 6-10.

From the time his birth was announced and throughout his dramatic but brief stay on earth, people who hated the SIGHT and SOUND of him; people who seethed with anger and envy against Jesus and his disciples; have always conspired together. They were ever trying but always failing to put a stop to what they saw as "ridiculous claims about his virgin birth and being the "Son of God"!
He was reviled ,threatened, thrown out of the temple and called all sorts of names .
When those tactics failed , the enemies of righteousness decided that Jesus had to be stopped by putting him to death !
But how could they succeed to discredit and destroy a very popular and successful teacher and deliverer of men?
Especially THIS MAN called Jesus Christ; whose words and miracles were highly sought after?
The news of him and his good works was spreading like a dried thorn-bush fire and thousands were being converted , daily !
What did he ever do wrong to anybody?
They reasoned in their envious minds that death was the solution to the "problem" of this massive-crowd puller; who was much more successful and popular than them.
There was a finality about death because NOBODY had ever defeated death!
Before Jesus resurrection , nobody had ever resurrected.
Dead men stayed dead.
"Silence that impostor and his followers will flee!"

They had their way.Jesus Christ was put to death in the most cruel fashion.
He was buried and a huge stone was placed to seal his tomb.
Not only was the tomb sealed , armed guards were positioned to guard his tomb; to prevent "any future false claims of his resurrection"!
"He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision". Psalm 2:4.

On that glorious Resurrection morning ,the bands of death and the fortress of a man-made tomb could not hold Jesus captive.
The angel of Death obeyed the command of the Master of Life and Death.
Jesus rose from the dead. The tomb was shattered and he came out and was seen by many witnesses. The tomb is empty!
When they failed to prevent his resurrection they gave bribes to spread lies and to discredit his resurrection; in order to stop the spread of his gospel.

No human being had the power to kill Jesus ,the Son of the Living God.
Jesus died because he CHOSE TO die , in fulfillment of God's plan.
No death on the cross ; no atonement for sins for you and me.
Isaiah 53 :10-12.
No resurrection ; no victory over death for us.
Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life , that I might take it again.
No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.
John 10:17,18

People who are consumed by envy and hatred , and are driven to do evil against an innocent person,usually, end up shooting themselves in the foot!
Unknown to them ,the enemies of Jesus Christ had inadvertently became instruments in God's hand to execute his Salvation plan for all mankind .
They helped to establish the Kingdom which they had plotted to destroy!
Him , being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God , ye have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain:
Whom God has raised up, having loosed the pains of death:
because it was not possible that he should be holden of it. Acts 2:23-24.

They failed to kill or silence the King of glory. His Gospel continues to spread to the four corners of the earth. His disciples have continued to thrive and increase in their millions daily.
As it was, before and after Jesus'crucifixion and resurrection, so it is even today. Satan, the "god of this world" has continued to blind men and women and to use them.The lies, doubts and antagonism against the Lord Jesus Christ remain.
A lot has been said , written and done to discredit and to hinder the work of God.The enemies of the Gospel expend time and resources to debate and analyse; even to "thrash" the veracity of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
These have been futile efforts.

For me and millions of Christian , there is no controversy ,at all,
about the Son ship and Lordship of Jesus Christ.
Christians who spent valuable time at Easter ,debating with and attempting to convince "doubting Thomases" needn't have bothered.
The battle is not ours. We have the Almighty God on our side and our weapons are not carnal but mighty unto pulling down strongholds.
The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth will glorify Jesus and convict all mockers and doubters of their sin.
The sin of rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ.John 16:7-16.
The enduring facts and the Truth of his virgin birth and his glorious life ; of his crucifixion , death and resurrection are ETERNAL TRUTHS.
The certainty and continuity of which DO NOT DEPEND ON whether some people doubt,ridicule,abhor and hate to hear them being preached.
Jesus and his bride( his church )will always triumph and have the last laugh.
Jesus is alive. He is Lord and he rules and reigns in the affairs of men!
May be you say:
"People should shut it and go away. They should stop preaching !?" It offends you?
Well, my darling(s) , you are entitled to your opinions and feelings of offence.
"Shutting it" is not an option .I assure you that's not gonna happen.

This Gospel has not "gone away", for centuries and it won't go away for as long as the earth remains .
Jesus is the Truth and the Truth goes marching on.
Nothing and nobody can stop the Truth.
You reject him , hate him and fight against him to your own loss and peril.
No human being can fight against God and overcome him.
You had better believe it.

Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.
And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken; but on whomsoever it shall fall,it will ground him to powder. Matthew 21:43-45

Monday, 13 April 2009


“51 ¶ Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,
52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal [must] put on immortality.
54 So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.
55 O death, where [is] thy sting? O grave, where [is] thy victory?
56 The sting of death [is] sin; and the strength of sin [is] the law.
57 But thanks [be] to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
58 ¶ Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 15:1-58 AV)


Death, be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;
For those whom thou think’st thou dost overthrow
Die not, poor death, nor yet canst thou kill me.
From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be,
Much pleasure—then, from thee much more must flow;
And soonest our best men with thee do go,
Rest of their bones and soul’s delivery.
Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men,
And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell;
And poppy or charms can make us sleep as well,
And better than thy stroke. Why swell’st thou then?

One short sleep passed, we wake eternally,
And death shall be no more; death thou shalt die.

When Earth's last picture is painted, and the tubes are twisted and dried,
When the oldest colors have faded, and the youngest critic has died,
We shall rest, and, faith, we shall need it -- lie down for an aeon or two,
Till the Master of All Good Workmen shall set us to work anew!

And those that were good shall be happy: they shall sit in a golden chair;
They shall splash at a ten-league canvas with brushes of comets' hair;
They shall find real saints to draw from -- Magdalene, Peter, and Paul,
They shall work for an age at a sitting and never be tired at all!

And only the Master shall praise us, and only the Master shall blame;
And no one shall work for money, and no one shall work for fame;
But each for the joy of the working, and each, in his separate star;
Shall draw the Thing as he sees it, for the God of Things as They Are!
Rudyard Kipling

Saturday, 11 April 2009





Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Spring has sprung !
What a privilege to be alive and well to witness and enjoy another spring!
Spring . The beginning of new life. Vibrant and colourful life ,springing forth all around us bathed in glorious sunshine.
Spring signals another phase of the passage of time as the tides of life roll and flow from one season to another ; from autumn to winter, then to spring , to summer time and finally ending the circle in autumn.

There are signs which herald the advent of spring ;I call them icons of spring.
These are newborn lambs,the (mad?) May Hares, the Cherry blossoms and my little yellow darlings,the indefatigable daffodils of Hyde Park in Central London!
These "old faithfuls" show their brave little yellow faces as early as in the first week in February , each year.
As I have done in previous years, this year, I watched out for them and ,as usual, they did not disappoint me and millions of their faithful fans in London.
I got a text from my friend in Sloane Square,Knightsbridge, one morning in early February. He texted: " ur friends ah here!"
He drives by the park to get to work , so he saw them first.
Come closing time , I joined him from Islington and we went together to Hyde Park to see them . And there they were, hundreds of metres of them!
There was a crowd there already, admiring the carpet of yellow laid out by these daffodils.
Gorgeous carpet of Daffodils in Hyde Park, London.

Daffodils in Hyde Park
Originally uploaded by Jamie McK

It is amazing how these early daffodils defy the chilling breath of winter by sprouting in wintry , rainy February.
Playing their part as ordained by the Creator to add beauty to the earth and to give immense pleasure to millions; unfailingly, year after year. Bless them!
As for the lambs and hares , they do this wild "joy- dance" across fields in the countryside during spring. I don,t know who is crazier,the lambs or the hares !

Here are some delightful spring photos:

Holland Park Kyoto Garden
Originally uploaded by Jamie McK

The Kyoto Garden in full springtime bloom!
This is one of London's must-see beauty spots. Enjoy it.

The beauty of spring is inspiring. It is a period for sharing poems like these:-

SPRING by Lord Alfred Tennyson

Dip down upon the northern shore,
O sweet new-year, delaying long;
Thou doest expectant Nature wrong,
Delaying long, delay no more.

What stays thee from the clouded noons,
Thy sweetness from its proper place?
Can trouble live with April days,
Or sadness in the summer moons?

Bring orchis, bring the fox-glove spire,
The little speedwell's darling blue,
Deep tulips dashed with fiery dew,
Laburnums, dropping-wells of fire.

O thou, new-year, delaying long,
Delayest the sorrow in my blood,
That longs to burst a frozen bud,
And flood a fresher throat with song.

I CAN'T tell you, but you feel it
Emily Dickinson

I CAN'T tell you, but you feel it
Nor can you tell me,
Saints with vanished slate and pencil
Solve our April day.
Sweeter than a vanished Frolic
From a vanished Green!
Swifter than the hoofs of Horsemen
Round a ledge of Dream!

Modest, let us walk among it,
With our "faces veiled,"
As they say polite Archangels
Do, in meeting God.

Not for me to prate about it,
Not for you to say
To some fashionable Lady�
"Charming April Day!"


Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Little Mercy James has not had a good start in life.
Not only did this poor Malawian child suffer the loss of her mother in infancy; she was placed in an orphanage because her father was too poor to care for Mercy.
So, at a tender age, she has had to contend with life threatening poverty, the childhood trauma of being motherless and of not living with her natural family.

Then came Madonna into her life!
Was this the much needed break ; the new beginning which the merciful God sent into this sad situation?

Madonna must have seen "something" in little Mercy to make her choose that child out of all the children in the orphanage.
Maybe Mercy's life-story touched a chord in the millionairess superstar's heart . But don't all the children in that home have similar or even worse tales of woe than Mercy James?
Something must have qualified Mercy James for the "royalty's" attention.

One of the first words children learn to say , in any language is "NO!".
When most children meet a stranger, even one offering them gifts; and the stranger says "Come here, cutey!", the normal initial response from the child would be to say "No!". Most children would run away and observe the stranger from a safe distance; usually hiding behind a person familiar to them .

Not only was Mercy picked out , she accepted to be cuddled by Madonna.
She could have said "NO!"and stayed away from Madonna .
As a child ,Mercy couldn't have sensed that this strange -looking lady has pots,no, not pots ,a MINT of money . Loads and loads of the stuff!
Even if someone told her that Madonna was a superstar; how could a child know the difference between rich and poor, between a Malawian and a foreigner or care a hoot whether Madonna was single, divorced seven times over or "happily" married?
What this poor little girl could sense was that Madonna's presence lit up her world whenever she visited her. Mercy got enough kind words and cuddles from Madonna which every baby craves for .
The little girl could sense the genuineness which all babies and animals are instinctively drawn to . So , with time, Mercy James bonded with not only Madonna , but with her other children .Even to the extent of calling Madonna ,"Mummy".

Madonna has being stopped by a Malawian court from adopting Mercy James because she is not a Malawian resident.
Apart from the court ruling , members of Mercy's family and others have objected because they see Madonna's desire to adopt Mercy James as "theft"or "sale" of their beloved daughter!
Others say Madonna is unqualified because she is a single mother , a serial divorcee; while some say "these people think they can come here and use their money to do as they like!"

Really ? This,truly,is amazing stuff!

Madonna doesnot NEED to steal or purchase any child. She knew the girl is a Malawian child.At the right time,she would tell Mercy and David about their ancenstry.
Right now , I empathize with her because her good intentions have been misunderstood; for the second time.
"Children are better off growing in their own natural community,with their natural family!" Says who?
How would a happy little girl, well cared for in a loving family know she is "not growing up in her natural community"?
Where were Mercy James'"natural family and community" when she was placed in a home? What did the "respectable happily married, never-divorced and holier-than-holy people" in the community do about her plight before Madonna , the serial divorcee took an in interest in her?
Do people know what growing up in a home does to a person's psyche?
Which is worse; "purchase" and "theft" by a wealthy serial divorcee/"sinner" or life in a children's home?
Madonna suitability as a mother is not in question .Despite her hectic schedule, she makes time for her three children.
If she was not suitable ,right now, I would have been writing about how to prevent unsuitable persons from adopting children!

Now , little Mercy is crying for her new mummy. She is distraught and bewildered. So are Madonna and her other children especially David Banda.
For them , they would go on with their lives but Mercy James is back to square one.

Do people realise that "these people who think because they have money" had other choices and still have choices of going elsewhere to adopt a child?
Why did Madonna choose a Malawian children home? She could have gone else where.

Despite what the the western press beams to world and the TV pictures aired regularly about "unending wars, disease, hunger and poverty" in Africa and Asia; these two continents are not the only places where such problems exist.
There are countries in the so called "developed world" where excruciating poverty, unusual and baffling diseases, wars,serial murders , slums , filth and serious hunger exist!
Social problems abound in affluent countries like the USA , Great Britain and in Europe. Even here, millions of children die from childhood diseases before their first birth day; millions are poor,malnourished, hungry and live in Children Homes, just as in Africa and Asia

Madonna could have decided to adopt a child from any country in the world and in most countries, she would be welcome with open arms.
Divine Favour manifesting upon the lives of David Banda and Mercy James attracted Madonna to them; made her to single them out of all the millions of needy children in the whole world.
David Banda is home-free; settled for life . May the good Lord deliver Mercy James. Amen.
Is someone able to do something reading this? Is it possible to care enough about this girl's emotions and future; CARE ENOUGH to reconsider and rescind this court ruling, please?
The law was made for man , and not man for the law. Mark 2:27

Happy New Year !