Tuesday, 21 July 2009


This week's celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon coincided which the beginning of my annual holiday.
I am into loads of science fiction films and computer games.
So, often, I have wondered what it would be like to jet off , not , as usual to a far away sun-soaked beauty spot here on earth; but to jet off in a space craft to an orbital space hotel somewhere in outer space. You know ,to live for one month, in a massive luxury Mother Space Ship, surrounded by the vast expanse of space. With the earth, a beautiful blue orb glowing in the far distance away. Throw in a couple or more planets with beautiful clouds to complete the picture. Here on earth I can smell the sea, the air and see loads of beautiful scenery, people, shops and stuff , all around me. What is it like in space ?
Neil Armstrong said the moon was bare and dead. That space smelt like burnt almonds. Lovely smell.
I think the scenery and smell of outer space are nothing compared with the rush of adrenalin, buzz of excitement and the overwhelming pleasure of achievement which a return space journey gave these three pioneers to the moon.
The desire to have a taste of these experiences is the driving force for those who have had the privilege of belonging to the exclusive club of "Touronauts" as Space Tourists are called.
For all of them ,their brief trips to outer space and the International Space Station has been a dream come true.
To date,there has been very few touronauts. Understandably so ; considering the fact that a 10-day space trip would set you back for at at least £10 million pounds.
The most prominent touronaut is U.S. billionaire software developer , Charles Simonyi. He is the first man on earth who has travelled to space twice as a tourist. His last trip was in April 2009. Both trips cost him about £60 million pounds.
Sir Richard Branson ,amongst others, is the foremost entrepreneur, set to make frequent holidays to the moon and outer space , a reality for mankind by 2050.
Sir Richard's Virgin Galactic Project is a pace setter in space tourism. The Project bears the hallmark of his adventurous and pioneering spirit.
There has been talk of orbital hotels in space for future touronauts and, of course, holiday money to spend in outer space.
This currency is the unique space currency: the Quid - Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination. Proposed exchange rate for the Quid is : Q1 = £6.25!
Estimated cost for one week space trip will be £575,000.
The sheer thought of it is very exciting.
That would be THE adventure of a life time and I am up for it . Any sponsors out there ?
Well for now , for me,I will have to make do with the down -to -earth kind of holiday. Same for millions of Britons who have jetted out on holiday this week.
Looking forward to the delights of plenty of sun , sand and sea and the freedom to "shut down and shut out" every day routine.
The sheer bliss of lying on the beach or poolside , soaking in the sun and sipping a tall fruit cocktail; without a care in the world. And plenty of Retail Therapy!

Even before 2050, if the Lord tarries, when space tourism will be common place trips; before you jet off to some far away space paradise , please bear in mind how much just a "paltry million" pounds can do for , say, 100 Charities on planet earth .
If you don't have a clue "WHAT" , please ask me .
There are millions out there who NEED the Cash for life's basic goodies.
Thank you and God bless you, real good . Amen!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Need to Know and Be Known.

It is natural for human beings to want to know the juicy details about the affairs of others. Especially, about the daily lives of the affluent and successful members of our communities.
Bizarrely, people do relish news that their neighbours , friends, colleagues and especially successful celebrities are not doing well or that they are facing some challenges or some scandal.
The more they protect their private details from public knowledge,
the more determined certain people are to dig them up.
Then , the juicier the information is when they are, finally,leaked into the public domain.
Nothing sells newspapers like a delicious "scoop" of dirt about some one's secrets!
Nowadays detailed information are freely provided on Internet sites by malicious postings or by the very people concerned, the "stars " of the stories themselves!
Free photos and details about the stars, posted by themselves on their sites is one up against the paparazzi! Takes the wind out of their sails .
Some of us give out free and generous photographs and information about the minutest details of our lives and see and read same about the lives of thousands of our contacts on social network sites .
However, official and specialty blogs and websites rarely give out unnecessary personal details and photos but they concentrate on the serious issues and business for which they were set up.
Recently , private details of the home address and family life of a top British government official were freely served on one of the popular Internet sites by no less a person than the mistress of the house!
People wondered what she was thinking ,"doing all that"?
Nothing really . She did nothing unusual .
Just did what millions of people do on web sites every minute of any day.
That is, doing the "normal" business of letting others know how well we are doing , letting the world know who we and what a wonderful home , fantastic marriage , beautiful children and dream jobs we have.
The norm on these sites is posting pictures and write-ups for all to see and know about what charmed lives we are living, our foreign holidays, our many wonderful friends and the A-list social life we have! Phenomenal!
You post it all, hour by hour and then "test the water" to see how many hundreds or thousands of people actually, would log on to read the minutest details about the colour of the ties you wore today or the socks your kids wore and what they did and said in school. Don't forget to add how you woke up ,yawned lazily in bed,got up and then went for a jog, returned 15 minutes later, had a drink ,went into the bathroom.
Came out . Cleared your throat, thought of what next to do now. Bored. Yawned again.
Went out into your very large back garden, came back in, had a cold drink and then went shopping,returned one hour later and then went for a swim.Returned and went out for a lovely dinner with the wonderful hubby and kids in the evening! Went home. Had a late drink and went to bed.
Thank you very much for visiting this site. Good night.
Oh,I forgot.Got carried away and I have written more than 50 words already.
This my narration here of a person's day is too long, isn't it ,for such sites?
Some of such "valuable" details about someone's lives attract at least ten thousand hits a day from their readers and followers who need to know, daily, about what is happening in other people's lifes.
I can hear what you're thinking and you're wrong!
Some of the thousands of followers or visitors , "hits" to these sites are sane , responsible adults ; not impressionable ,star-struck , screaming teenagers.
The husband of an American actress posted a photo of her naked back only, as she laid face-down on the bed and a second photo of her sitting on the toilet seat.
The pictures got over five hundred thousand "hits" in one day.

The main attraction to these sites is that thousands are signing up, daily and many follow the crowd because they believe it is the "in thing" to do and the best place to satisfy the human need to know and be known by others.
And why not? Being part of the on-line community is harmless fun and is beneficial to millions. It is a fantastic forum for social networking and marketing people ,ideas and products .
Especially if and when we need to present our products to a diverse audience and we want them to know us and we want to know them.
Nothing promotes a person or product like being online , being in contact, being seen and heard by thousands if not millions on the world -wide web.
Feedbacks from many lonely people,who have nobody to talk to for days or even weeks show that they derive pleasure from logging on.
It is where they can live their lives anonymously and find some human contact.
Where they can post a few lines of details about themselves and receive some comments from total strangers.
Then , they in turn can see and read about what is going on in the lives of total strangers.At least,in that way, they get a sense of belonging to the human race.

So why begrudge a wife for the naivety of posting security details of her husband on an Internet site? I guess she was a novice to the Internet and didn't know that you shouldn't give out certain information on the Internet.
Or may be she was carried away ,like people could be when they are having fun .
The problem is, when people are carried away while giving out personal information, a lot of stuff are exposed which shouldn't be.
For some, the details exposed are the truth about the state of their lives.
But for many, the time spent online is SHOW TIME!
Their fun is heightened when they lie, embellish the truth and or conceal the facts about their person ,in order to pose ; to impress and attract others .
Professional liars and fraudsters or just simple , male and female amateur liars: dreamers all ,living out their fantasies by "releasing" terrible white , pink , black or green fibs ( lies )are in abundance on these sites .
The red light on Internet sites is: Have fun. Relax . Not every one online is a pervert or fraudster. Interact with strangers. But watch it .

Monday, 13 July 2009


There has been some ridiculous and frightening false accusations of "discrimination" which is making a mockery of the seriousness of this crime.
The way people are nowadays, I have, often, wondered whether anyone, at work or play, could ever feel free to express harmless humour or comment on anything.
That is, without getting into "boiling water"; or stirring the hornet's nest!
People have become more litigious; especially in this harsh economic climate.
It is worrying that it takes so little to get people up in arms , nowadays!
So where has all the humour gone?
Why can't we see the funny sides of life; laugh at ourselves and be free to laugh at others?
Any newspaper editor ,TV or Radio presenter worth his/her salt knows how to maneuver and meander around the "mines fields" of preventing the publication of offensive materials!
Politicians ,bureaucrats, film and fashion stars and even religious leaders have perfected the art of Political Correctness (P.C.)
Everyone is now extra-cautious :tip-toeing and pussy-footing around the truth!
The message being sent out is: "The avoidance of speaking the whole truth in public is the beginning of wisdom.
Be P.C.in public,always; watch out for those hidden cameras.
Pretend ,smile , even when you feel like screaming out at people what you, really, think and feel about them!"
However, try as people might to pretend to be P.C.,
in their unguarded moments, their masks slip!
For out of the abundance of the heart,the mouth speaks. Matthew 12:34.
In recent times,we have been regaled with the news about prominent men and women, of all races , caught on camera , making discriminatory comments or jokes.
I find such "whistle-blowing" news very funny.
I would give anything to see the faces of the "culprits" when they see the film of their faces and voices ; knowing that, at last, their hypocritical P.C.cover has been blown ! The cat is out of the bag!
It is a harrowing experience to know that all the unpleasant stuff said in private and harboured in the mind about others, have been laid bare for all to hear!
Sometimes , I feel sorry for the ones caught on camera because some of them have maintained in public, a P.C.(Politically Correct) facade for years, even for decades, which was a complete opposite of their ACTUAL secret views and actions .
Usually, in the heat of such scandalous revelations ,lots of self -righteous people speak out to express their "shock and dismay at such unacceptable comments" and to condemn the persons caught in the wrong side of the P.C. game.
As if they are not partners -in -crime; but not yet exposed.

The injustice of being told " Sorry,IT HAS BEEN TAKEN"(when it has not!) Or "Sorry you failed the exam or interview" (When you did not!); is rampant, though often denied in this society.
When and if proven, employers and landlords have been dragged to Employment and Rent Tribunals and forced to cough out huge monetary compensations to employees, prospective employees and tenants and students who have been victims of sexist , ageist or racial discrimination.
Discrimination is unjust and it is symptomatic of a diseased mind.
It is an expression of hatred and fear; a grab-it-all game.
But it is a not a one -way street. It is not the sole preserve or stock-in-trade of a particular race or group.
Perpetrators and victims of it abound in all races and groups.
However,the "aggrieved-victims" game could be over-played, by some.
The fact is: given half the chance,every group or race on earth would be as guilty and as capable of discriminating against "outsiders" as any other race or group.

We have heard of Men-on-women ,women-on-men, women-on women, white-on white,white-on- black, Gentiles-on-Jews, Jews-on-Gentiles, Asian-on-Asian and Arab-on-Arab and Everyone-on-Arabs discrimination.
And, oh boy!, what of the stereotype name-calling and jokes we tell in the secret recesses of our homes and in our exclusive clubs!
The insane , rib-cracking jokes about other races which we share with families and friends!
About white women's bums, about oriental women's chests and their bums,about black women's bums and jokes about white/black/Asian/Arab men's "sizes" .
There is mutual condemnation and resentment of the cultures and lifestyles of other races. With every race claiming to be better than the others.
You should hear the awful comments made by old people about young people ; by women about men and vice-versa!
It seems each group on earth has unending uncomplimentary names and accusations about others.
May God have mercy on us all. Amen.

How would the human race survive this volatile landscape of human relations?
-By ACTIVE diplomacy and showing LOVE TO EACH OTHER.
- By purging ourselves of self-destructive words and SELFISH thought patterns.
Remember, every human being, in love , peace or in war, has the ability to give as much as they have received.
The realisation that ,one day, we shall leave all we have cheated and fought for and all we hold dear, behind in this world is enough to make us resolve to live at peace with others .
The mad rush to out-do each other and grab-it-all ,to the exclusion of all others is vanity and nothing but vanity.

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Joke 1.
Two old men bumped into each other; one said to the other:
"Sorry,I didn't see you . I was looking for my wife!"
" I was looking for mine too."
" What does she look like?"
" She is 25, statuesque; 6 feet two inches tall, slim, with honey-blond hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a pair of white shorts and a skimpy blue top".
"What does yours look like ?"
"Never mind . Let's look for yours first!"
Joke 2.
If you take an Oriental person and spun him around many times ; what does he become? Disorientated?
Joke 3.
If love is blind , why are lingerie very popular?

These are three of the jokes which appeared in a North England Parish Newsletter recently. They provoked protests from readers who were offended at their "sexist, ageist and racist connotations".
This has forced the publishers to apologize for "the inappropriate contents" of their newsletter.
During the week , a radio phone-in programme aired the views of some members of the public about the "offence" caused by these jokes in the parish newsletter.
The public responses were as entertaining as they were spot-on realistic.
The recurrent questions from many contributors were:
Who is denying that men prefer younger women and that men are turned on by beautiful lingerie?
How would a disoriented Oriental cause a racial war?
While some felt the jokes were very funny and harmless or that they were mere, harmless word-play; others thought they were tasteless and insulting to women , old people and Oriental people!
There were no phone-in comments from Oriental people.
I would have loved to hear what they thought about the "Oriental" joke .
If you are Oriental and reading this, please comment: tell me your war plans.

This is another instance of a lot of brouhaha over some comments made about sex,age or race.
Though,this time the uproar was mild, sometimes it could be widespread!
But what was it all about?
Some times people speak words and do things which are unintentionally hurtful or offensive to others.
They were just simply, JOKING ; having innocent fun. No harm intended!

That is not to say there does not exist,in our society, as in every human society; men , women and children who maliciously upset and harass others who they see as "different".
Jokes could be ice-breakers or door-openers to making friends.
However, jokes can make or mar an event because just as they liven up an atmosphere ,there are jokes that are indeed unpleasant and outlandish!
These would not be tolerated in any decent gathering.
So it is the responsibility of the joker to assess his listeners' sensitivities.
To know when and where to joke and who to joke with.
Also it helps to know when to draw the line between a harmless joke and a nasty, malicious barb ; sent out,deliberately, to hurt and dehumanize others.
If you cannot or would not guard your tongue; for your own sakes, keep your poisonous, hurtful words and thoughts to yourselves and within the inner recesses of your personal space(s).

I think the extent and contents of jokes and banter should depend on the depth of the relationship with the persons you are joking with.
You should not unleash your brand of unwanted humour on an unwilling audience or on strangers.
The wisdom to know when and where to joke could be the difference between receiving an applause or a physical attack ; a kiss or a broken jaw ; or even a life or death matter.
Some people out there just don't take kindly to certain jokes.

I have friends and neighbours male and female ,from all the different races in the country and we exchange jokes and banter about each other. I mean way-out jokes and name-calling. There is a familiar bond between us . So we have not swung flying kicks or pulled guns ,daggers or punches at each other .
Neither have we headed for court to complain of "offensive comments "!

When you lose your sense of humour, you lose the essence of living.
Being touchy about jokes could make you lose valuable friends and contacts .
Life is too short to moan and complain about perceived wrongs .
So let the jokes flow! But do it sensibly and responsibly.
Most importantly, the recipe for success and peace in life is in imbibing these words:
For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil,
and his lips that they speak no guile:
Let him eschew evil, and do good; let him seek peace ,and ensue it.
1 Peter 3:10,11.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

For Micheal



Thanks for the beautiful memories !


For Micheal

Thank God for the message beautifully expressed ,for this age and for all times !

Happy New Year !