Tuesday, 31 March 2009


The demand for cosmetic dentistry procedures have risen 300% in the last five years (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry).
Bright smiles are the ultimate fashion accessories, now.
As such they are in high demand and expensive to acquire and maintain.
Next to hair care and facials , teeth whitening is a "must have" for most celebrities.

Cosmetic Dentistry is less invasive than the other well known cosmetic procedures.
Also they are cheaper and quicker to achieve. These treatment can be in-office or a dentist prescribed home D-I-Y kit.
The former is more expensive but more popular because in just one hour, stained or deformed teeth can be transformed into gleaming pearly whites, by a professional touch.

Sparkling white teeth are within easy reach by applying peroxide bleaching compounds which can brighten smiles six to eight shades lighter than before.
The in-office treatment has on offer Zoom, BrightSmile & LaserSmile to bring on those dazzling smiles ! These whitening treatments last at least six months before a top-up application . One session costs between $400 to $1000, depending on the treatment.
The home D-I-Y kits cost about $40 and the whitening process takes a longer period . It entails once or twice a day application for 14 nights straight ; no days skipped !

These procedures are worth the effort because a smile makes all the difference in life.
A smile melts hearts and opens doors to opportunities , to love, to friendship and goes much further than words.
An attractive smile is so potent that teeth whitening and a great sense of humour (GSOH) is a top priority social skill amongst upwardly mobile executives.
Some sales person have perfected the art of smiling to the level of being able to sell a deep freezer to an Eskimo!
To make give a good impression , a dazzling smile enhances your "total package" of dressing , fashion accessories , hair , make-up and body language; whenever you attend those life-changing interviews and auditions.
Except when the audition / job is for a horror movie or for the post of a funeral parlour attendant; then a smile will be out of place. If so,you would stand a better chance if you could, please, zip up your bright new gnashers!

Health wise, hearty laughter is good for the heart; and smiles and laughter tone all the facial muscles ; so smile to look younger.

However , smiles should be given and taken with caution.
Flashing the "toothy-smiley" at people who are having or have had a bad day,is not a wise option.
Although, a smile has a lot to offer , excessive smiling ,laughter or giggling could be misconstrued for fickleness, flirting , deceit and attention seeking.
Some people think excessive gaiety is irritating, lousy behaviour!
While an ever-smiling face could , also , be taken as a cry for help ,a cover-up for heartbreak and as a sign of the on set of insanity or of demonic possession in a person!

I mentioned in a previous blog "The Child in Me", that broad smiles conceal the real intentions in the heart. It is not "Spiritwise" or streetwise to take people at their "smile-value".
It is foolhardiness to think that a smile is an indicator of a person's level of happiness or friendliness.
"The heart is deceitful above all things , and desperately wicked: who can know it ? " Jeremiah 17:9 (KJV)
In espionage missions and in carrot-and -stick situations , constant smiling and a friendly demeanor are effective masks to disguise the hidden agenda of an enemy.

Whatever opinion we hold about smiling,it is useful.
Even if you cannot afford whitened teeth , all you need is a smiling face! Smile ;whether with brown ,yellow or white, sparkling teeth; whether it is a fake or genuine smile; a smile brightens the atmosphere in any room.

So bring on the smiles and have a happy "giggly" day!"

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Victims of bullying had enough terror and humiliation to contend with already. The new dimension to this problem is the unpleasant addition of cyber bullying.
The good news is that,as at yesterday,some celebrities have formed a support group to assist victims of cyber bullying and focus attention on the crime of bullying.

Cyber-bullies use emails and internet social networking sites to spread uncomplimentary information about their victims.
These people could be known to their victims or they could be faceless mischief-makers , or even stalkers bent on harassing people.
Whatever,all forms of bullying are as unacceptable as they are unpleasant

Bullying thrives, not only in schools ; but in almost all sections of the community.
In schools ,offices, communities and in homes ; children , adults and even animals live in constant fear as victims of bullies.
Sexual harassment and violence, verbal abuse , extortion, threats to life , fear of grievous body harm , robbery, threats to steal or destroy properties and emotional torture are issues which some members of the community have to contend with, daily.
Bullying terrorises and scars its victims.

The weapon of control; by causing fear and intimidation is employed by bullies to lord it over their victims.
The driving force in a bully is the need to control another human being or to control a group . Ironically , the need to control fellow human beings is stronger in persons with deep-seated inferiority complex and phobias.
A bully's diseased mind would seek pleasure in causing pain to others because he or she has unresolved painful issues in his / her life gnawing at the inner recesses of the mind.
A bully would express his feelings of inadequacy and fear of rejection by asserting himself , seeking the attention and " respect" of others, by coercion.
Coercion by threats of physical violence , death and emotional torture is the bully's leash around the victim's neck.
When their victims cower before them in fear, that is the "respect" bullies crave!

And so, peace loving people , even whole communities , are held to ransom by anti social elements demanding "respect" when they have no achievements whatsoever to deserve any body's respect!
Bullies are cowards because they would pick on victims they consider weak, "soft" and vulnerable. Rarely would a bully take on a victim stronger than him.
Also , bullies derive sadistic pleasure in seeing the pain and terror in their victims. No amount of pleas or peace offerings would deter a bully. In fact the more the victim "turns the other cheek", the more "slaps" the bully lands on his face!

As with all control freaks and cowards, the only "stop sign" , bullies respond to is sustained resistance or a fire -for-fire approach .
All cowards flee in the face of superior fire-power.
Superior fire power here does not mean physical battles with bullies!
It means unmasking and punishing all cowards who make life unpleasant for others.

When communities and governments send out a clear message that bullying and crime, in any form, will be punished , not by taps on the knuckles only ,but with adequate sentences, crime levels will fall , drastically.

Excuses should not be made for the unacceptable behaviour of bullies.
Legislation, coupled with stiff penalties,such as expulsion from schools , loss of council accommodation, termination of employment , restraining orders and lengthy jail terms must be enforced against the crime of bullying in schools , in the community , in offices and on the internet!
Unimaginable fears and trauma inflicted on victims , remain etched in their mind, sometimes for life. Nobody deserves to suffer such damage.

Saturday, 14 March 2009


Here I am ,cooing ,sucking my wee finger , blowing bubbles and gurgling with sheer delight . Beaming gorgeous smiles at the beautiful world around me.
Mummy's soothing voice and hands are ever- present to comfort and soothe me, whenever I cry out demanding love and attention.
I love everybody and everybody loves me.
Every body loves a bonny , cutey , cuddly baby.Isn't it?

"Good baby!", says everybody.
All I see around me are smiling, happy faces ; mouthing " God bless you ".
Surely, these faces smiling at me , hugging me and greeting me warmly must be real. They are Kind , warm and friendly people . They all wish me well.

Smiling faces are faces of true friends ; of happy, nice and contented persons who have little or no problems . These are people who are at peace with themselves and the entire world. A smiling face shows that the smiling person (smiler?)is happy to see or meet others. The child in me believes that when people hear good news about someone and they beam with smiles, it is an indication that the smiler is pleased to hear about the progress of others.
A smiling face is indicative of a good soul .

As for those who rarely smile? Always looking sad and frowning? Scary!
Surely they must be wicked, sad, bitter and depressed people!
A frowning face shows that person must be going through hard times.
These ugly frowning faces have evil minds. Unlike smiling , beautiful faces.
Sad faces must be thinking sad, warped thoughts about me , about themselves and the entire world .
I must stay close to mum ; keep away from all frowning faces.

No child would not see through the smile ,the hug and the kiss of a Judas.

The child in every human being would believe the smiling sales man who sells syrup,calling it honey; would believe the smiling bank manager who hard-sells a mortgage, credit cards and bank loans to customers ; knowing fully well that some people cannot afford them.

The child in men and women believed Bernard Madoff.
His face must have beamed with broad smiles,as he reeled out speech after speech, during those numerous business meetings when he persuaded thousands to invest their entire life savings in his wonderful schemes .
Smiling Madoff and his promises to investors of "Eldorado"and huge returns, was a lethal cocktail ,indeed!

Childhood is a period of bliss. Bliss resulting from complete ignorance and absence of all worries. It is an era of a blissful routine of eating, sleeping , laughing and being doted upon by all.
A child just sits there,loving everyone, giving everybody toothy smiles; vulnerable, believing and trusting that every smiling face comes with good intentions.

The child in me sees no evil , hears no evil and believes that in everyone there is something good , pure and beautiful.
Ignorance is good for the soul and the spirit.
Growing up comes with realisation which is an eye-opener to the harsh realities of life. A rude awakening indeed.
Knowledge that one has been dining with a bunch of smiling devils could kill one's faith in humanity. Numbing and scarring the psyche.

The child in me would rather remain in this blissful cocoon , gurgling and smiling happily with my head in the clouds.
Leaving my mind , soul and spirit unfettered;free to believe and love .

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Lord ,when you look at me , its your righteousness you see.

I enter your presence with praise and thanksgiving, just as I am;
With arms out-stretched ,saying ,"Abba , Father !"
because I know you will rejoice over me with singing ; all over me ,to do me good.

I joy in you , O God of my salvation;
O God who hears and answers prayer; early will I seek you;
For the aroma of your presence is all around me;
I delight in the beauty and the glory of your courts!
To see your face , the light of your countenance ;
I seek your warm embrace in the beauty of your holiness ;
The Breathe of your nostrils is my life-blood indeed.

You have heard me from your holy hill;
You have sent forth your word into my life ; your word of glory and victory.
You are my God , my glory and the lifter of my head.

Early will I seek thee , tread your courts ,into the aroma of your presence.
When I pray you hear and you answer; you encompass me with songs of deliverance!
Oh Lord my God , early will I seek the aroma of your presence.
For you have shown yourself mighty in my life in a strong city!

Before the kings of the earth , I will praise you;
Declare your power and your glory before other gods;
How majestic , how excellent is your name in all the earth!
How glorious , how marvellous are your deeds in all the earth!


Sad, painfully sad , that we should experience the pain ,anger and shock that came with the news that ANOTHER defenceless baby has been battered to death and was ignored as he battled for his life. His little head, face and body were punched and kicked by his mother's boyfriend !
Surprisingly ( or is it not surprisingly! )he was ignored by his mother.
Nobody came to his aid , until it was too late.
Not only did Baby Brandon Muir suffered 40 horrific injuries to his little body , he went through unimaginable agony for DAYS, without any compassion , love or comfort, before being taken to hospital where he died!
It is sad and shocking that so soon after Baby P's case this should happen.

Like before, Social Services will be blamed for"not doing something"to prevent this.
Apart from social services "doing something"; isn't it time we start being our brothers' keepers?
Social workers are over-worked , fully booked and they are not clairvoyant.
They cannot attended to everyone or be everywhere, 24 /7.

A lot of suffering could be prevented if neighbours, friends and families start making it their business to be alert and watch out for vulnerable infants.
Infants in this group are:-
1.Infants who live with their mother and a partner who is not their father or with their father and a woman who is not their mother.
2. Children who cry continually . Neighbours should listen .Watch out for reactions of frustration, anger and violence from adults living with irritable kids.
One of the reasons why Baby P was attacked and killed was his incessant crying and demands for love and attention . He was seen as a nuisance and an irritating intruder by his mother and her partner.
3. Children whose parents are under a lot of stress,either financial, emotional, alcohol or drug induced stress or whatever.
4. Children who are unloved and unwanted by their mothers. Some mothers lose interest , once the purpose of having a baby is achieved i.e. getting a council flat and other benefits. Or when a new lover comes into their lives.
5. Children of mothers or parents who spend heavily on expensive fashion and jewelleries . Some of such children could be vulnerable; suffering from inadequate feeding , clothing and medical care.
These and others are signs which social services look out for .
But guilty parents have been known to cover up these signs from social services.
So it is up to people; like neighbours , friends and families who see these children more often than social workers do to blow the whistle on these heartless and irresponsible parents and guardians .
People should see it as their civic responsibility to save lives , especially the lives of innocent defenceless babies who never asked to be born neither did they choose to be born by characters who do not qualify nor deserve to become parents.

Who knows how many children are suffering and dying in silence even as you read this ? Do you know any ? Or suspect any form of child abuse ?
Do we mind our business ; turn a blind eye until we hear another horror story? No!
Please , contact the police and Social Services, immediately.


My heartfelt condolences to the Conservative Party leader,David Cameron and his wife Samantha Cameron and their children; for the home- going of their darling son and brother , Ivan Cameron , aged six.
No words are adequate to console parents and families in times like this .
The pains and the questions run deep. May God comfort and heal Ivan's family.Amen.

Suffice it to say we thank God for Ivan 's life; for the light and the love his presence gave to his entire family and all who had the privilege of meeting him.
The little soldier came , he lived a love-filled life and he played his ordained part on this plane of mortals .
Now he has put on immortality and returned to God, his maker ; in a blaze of glory.

Little Ivan is at rest now; in a better place with the Giver and
Sustainer of all life; ...the Father of mercies ,
and the God of all comfort; who comforts us in all our tribulation.
2 Corinthians 1:3,4.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Whenever "green issues" are mentioned , human activities like ; home and industrial waste management , use of electricity , gas, water and means of travel; readily come to mind as the main issues in the climate change debate.
Fossil fuels, industrial wastes and green house gases are perceived as the "culprits" for our messed up climate.
Even ,cows ,(poor,defendless animals!), have been blame for farting non-stop and contributing to high level of CO2 emission.
Although, there is ample evidence that the by-products from the use of fossil fuels i.e.diesel and petroleum contribute the lion share to adverse climate change,they are , for now , indispensable to our every day needs.
Major changes and huge sacrifices are required.
Everybody has a part to play, however small , in ensuring a greener earth.
There is urgent need for change from harmful human activities which degrade the environment because the problem of climate change is more serious than expected.

The use of alternate fuel sources , bio fuels, have been given the thumbs up as the way out of the quagmire .
Bio fuels,for transport, are fuels made from plant or animals materials.
Two types of bio fuels are:-
Bio diesel , made from palm or soya and waste vegetable oil and:-
bio ethanol made by fermenting starchy and sugary crops such as sugar beet and wheat.
These are highly rated as "clean" fuel sources because they have the potential to reduce CO2 emissions , unlike petroleum and diesel.
Moreover ,future dependence on bio fuels would reduce world dependence on oil and gas and save the human race from prolonged environmental destruction.
But,for best results, for now , bio fuels need to be mixed with diesel or petrol.

Furthermore , a glance around any home ,office or school would confirm that our reliance on petroleum products is quite strong and extensive and would remain so for much more longer than we are ready to admit.

Petrol, gas , crude oil or black gold makes the world go round , literally.
Apart from being a major factor in all most all sections of the world economy, like in aviation , shipping and the automobile industry ; crude oil in the form of lubricants is indispensable in oiling the wheels and machines in the manufacturing sector. In the health sector ,advances in pharmacy, surgery, dentistry , opthalmology and medicine depend solely on the use of petrochemical products .

In our daily existence, we have come to depend on products made from petroleum ranging from basics like antiseptics , hand lotion, shampoo, nail polish ,hair colouring , clothes dye, pillows, mattresses ,panty hose, salad bowls ,purses, electric blankets, mops , candles, umbrellas, bandages, sun glasses , combs, balloons , silk flowers , insecticides , food preservatives ; to major items like credit cards ,VCR tapes and DVDs , TV cabinets , computers , refrigerator linings, water pipes, vitamin capsules , tooth paste , shoes , winter coats ,designer luggage and bags ,yarn, PVC materials, heart valves, hearing aids , artificial limbs , parachutes, false teeth and textiles.
The list is endless!We are, truly, petroleum junkies!
What are the aternatives for these indispensible products?
Some body , somewhere has to think of something much more better than biofuels to meet the immediate and future need for a viable alternative to crude oil.

Something has to be done , fast, to wean the human race from decades of strong dependence on crude oil.
But, what is the alternative to jet travel from London to New York and back for that important business meeting or to attend seminars on
"The Adverse Effects of CO2 Emissions On the Environment"?
Go" green ", travel by canoe, kayak , donkey , camel or by swimming?
Also, cycling has been suggested as the best "green choice" to the problem of CO2 emissions by cars and trains.
Cycling is an excellent form of exercise.
No marks for guessing what the body frames, seats, pedals and wheels of bicycles; even the cyclist helmet , knee pads , elbow pads and gloves are made of.

The effects of climate change can be seen world wide . There is no denial that these adverse effects will worsen if drastic measures are not taken , SOON , to reduce the human activities that are harmful to our beautiful plant.
To be effective ,these efforts have to be joint, determined and sustained sacrifices, by everybody and every national government for ours and our children's sake .
Meanwhile ,think green thoughts.....


The reasonable man accepts things as they are ; but the unreasonable man doesnot. So all change depends on the unreasonable man .
All inventions were concieved in the minds of unreasonable men.

There is no great genuis without some touch of madness - Lucius Annaeus.

A genius is one who shoots at something no one else can see - and hits it.

David said to Saul,"Let no-one lose heart on account of this Phillistine;
your servant will go and fight him". 1 Samuel 17:32 (NIV.)

When a true genius appears in the world ,you may know him by this sign ;
that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.- Jonathan Swift.

In every work of genius, we recognise our own rejected thoughts. They come back to us with a certain alienated majesty - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Sunday, 1 March 2009


A half-full cup, usually, is seen as "half-empty, inadequate, incomplete "why me",not good enough , have-for-do , "sha o" and so on ; until after its spillage. Spilled milk; irretrievably sinking into the cold , hard ground

Give thanks in the year of drought;
for being like a tree planted by the water;
that sends out its roots by the stream.
Give thanks;
for not being afraid when heat comes ;
for bearing fresh green leaves in the drought;
for having no worries;
and for never failing to bear fruit! Jeremiah 17:7,8.

Happy New Year !