Saturday, 29 October 2011

Nice to be back

Nice to be back from my periodic break.
Thank you , dear readers for your messages and comments which you left for me while I was on break. I have replied them all.
I have not posted on my blogs for some weeks now because I have been on a lovely one-month break and that , usually, for me is a time of relaxation , of peace and quiet to "renew strength".
Do take a break. It is will do you good .
While away, there were loads of juicy topical issues that I would have loved to write blogs on; like among others , the Blackberry phones shutdown , the economic fiasco in Europe and the recent an still-raging invasion of St.Paul' Cathedral , London by anti -capitalism protesters.
But,I refrained from blogging because while on such breaks, my policy has always been to limit my time spent on internet activities, to the barest minimum.

The live-in camp site on the grounds of St. Paul's Cathedral have taken a new dimension. The tents are increasing in number and the protesters have vowed to set up similar camps all over London.
Latest news is that the church has decided to evict the campers by resorting to legal action.
This would be a lengthy battle by the church and could mean the nuisance been caused by the live-in camps could remain there till the Spring if legal action is taken to evict the campers.
I have written about this in "Trashing St.Paul's Cathedral: time to clear out!" in my other blog, "Pneumalithos ", yesterday.

Rights to protest is one thing; but setting up tents all over London has never achieved anything. Ask the live-in campers who have been protesting in front of Parliament Square , for years now, what they have achieved , so far.
Apart from being irritants to West minister councils officials , these protesters in Parliament Square, have not been able to make the government officials in WHITEHALL to budge an inch.
What would happen is that these live-in camps would metamorphose into eye-sores , festering, junk-littered shacks and

Happy New Year !