Friday, 10 July 2015

BLANK by Choice.

In countries where the citizens have the opportunities of  free access to top education and free access to use technological gadgets like the Internet ; most people living in such countries are well informed and well educated.
Even in such countries , illiterates and  ignorant persons though a rarity , are found there as well .
 But these are exceptions to the rule .  Such persons are uneducated by their own personal choices .
This is in sharp contrast to the reasons for people being uneducated in some other countries where people are illiterates not by their own choice , but that is their lot because of their limitations such as poverty , lack of access to educational facilities or the general prevailing culture of illiteracy in their immediate families or communities.

 Ironically, there are ignorant persons who have free access to  ways and means of self- emancipation from ignorance but they are unwilling to use them .
What then can be said or done to help such persons ?
Some weeks ago , just a few days after the 7th May 2015 UK General Elections , that was the puzzle discussed by  millions of people in the UK and abroad who heard of the news of a British citizen who asked her friends , " Who is David Cameron ? "
This was the strange  question to her bewildered Face Book friends from Devon Boon , a British 21 year old mother  .
 Miss Boon admitted on Facebook that she didn't know who David Cameron was - and that she thought that Barack Obama was a terrorist.
 Devon , a toddler's mother ,  also could not fathom WHAT the excitement was all about Teletubbies the popular award winning Children TV programme .
Devon Boon , from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, said she didn't vote because she didn't know the difference between Labour and Conservative and she thought you had to pay to vote !
And she asked her 2,000 Facebook friends: 'Who's David Cameron and why do people keep posting about him?'
Devon could not recognise President Obama's photograph and she thought  he was a terrorist !
Some American  citizens  would not recognise Prime Minster David Cameron's photo  either .
During a state visit by David Cameron to the USA last year, an American TV news crew went on the streets of NewYork City and showed some people Cameron's photograph and asked them who he was. Majority of the people they asked did not know who David Cameron was.
Fair enough that they did not know what the Prime Minister of Great Britain looked like.
Their ignorance could be excused because they weren't British citizens.
During one of the Queen's visits to the USA , the Queen's speech  was being watched on TV by millions of Americans including a teenager and his family. 
The teenager asked his parents during the speech  ," Gee ! Why is the Queen speaking English like that ? She sounds funny ! "
An American boy could be amused that  the Queen of England spoke "funny" English .
Just as I am understandably amused whenever my computer tries ( unsuccessfully ) to correct and change my correct spellings of English words like favour , fibre , calibre , programme, endeavour, materialise, cheque, labour , colours, honour and many other spellings of English words.

Devon Boon had asked a very puzzling question which has left millions of people in and outside the UK ; going  "Aaww?!" "You  kidding me?! She actually said that ?"
No, she was not kidding anybody .  She just didn't care and she was BLANK about many aspects of her environment.
She admitted afterwards  in her interviews with a number of news media; she just did not have a clue  who David Cameron was , neither did she have the desire to know much about anything else .
 ** For full story Google " Devon  Boon "
                                                               Devon Booth 

People were incredulous that Devon could be so ignorant even while living in the same country where a young woman like her, a 2O year-old girl , Mhairi Black  MP, who is a final -year law student had recently won a seat making her the UK's youngest Member of Parliament in 300 years.
During the same election,  thousands of young persons in the same age bracket as Mhairi and Devon had worked tirelessly as volunteer campaign officers to ensure the success of their choice candidates and of their favourite political parties .
 I agree with the saying that "Beauty fades , dumb is forever " ; but  I do not  approve of stereotypical descriptions of blond females and all beautiful females as " Dumb Blond " or "Dumb Pretty Face" .
These terms were used to describe Devon Boon in online comments mocking and condemning Devon Boon for her unusual ignorance. 
Devon is blond and pretty but that does not make her idiotic  and "dumb ".
There are millions of blonde and pretty girls and women who have achieved outstanding success in their chosen careers in ALL fields of  human endeavours.
Other  online comments  mocked that Devon was just another statistic of the number of UK citizens who think that all they need to do in order to survive in life is to relax and depend on the nation's from cradle -to -grave generous welfare package ; paid for by hard-working UK tax-payers .
For such people the ambition to acquire higher education or professional skills  is at the lowest on the  list  of their priorities.
Some commentator asked," Why couldn't her husband educate her about  this ?"
 The father of a single woman's child is not recognised as her "husband".
 Devon Boon's  boyfriend , her child's father , could have failed to encourage her to improve her education for two reasons .
Firstly, if Devon was uninterested in improving her educational status, there would have been little or nothing which her boyfriend could do to make her change her mind from her chosen path of ignorance.
Unlike what obtains in master /servant / slave/ employee relationships , marriages and love relationships are supposed to be relationships between two mutually consenting adults .
Boyfriends and husbands could suggest  their own ideas or advice to their women  which their wives , girlfriends could decide to accept or reject .
 In situations where females refuse to comply with the advice or wishes of their men, in the UK , men are not permitted by Law to force their ideas or their wishes on any unwilling female .
 Secondly, if  Devon's boyfriend is one of the insecure men who feel they cannot  "control" intelligent women , then he could have chosen Devon as a partner because he noticed that she was "thick " .
 "Thickness" in females is preferred by insecure men , who seek just a pretty face only in a girl  .
In every society on earth, there are millions of  men and boys who are turned ON  by girls and women who are either not very smart and females  who are stark illiterates .
For such insecure males, the "dumber " and " thicker" their partners or wives are, the better and the safer for their male egos,
Insecure men are turned off by intelligent females because such men would feel very small , very frightened and their male ego and masculinity would be threatened whenever they are in relationships with females who they know are too educated and too experienced to be cheated on or "controlled" by men .
Not only do insecure men prefer illiterate or semi-illiterate females but they also do everything to ensure that their illiterate partners remain in their "dumb" state , forever.
It is unbelievable but true that in some parts of the world, there are oppressive men who make sure that their wives  or girlfriends are kept in the dark and that they do not get smart enough to know how to read and write at all .
Oppressive husbands and boyfriends are selfish and terrified enough to lay down strict orders that their women must never exchange  phone calls and texts messages with anyone and they must never use the internet or watch the TV  in the man's absence!
But while enforcing  serious restrictions and ignorance on their wives, such men themselves are very active all over the Internet .  These use  Yahoo , Google , Hotmail, MSN, Face Book , Skype , WhatsApp, Twitter , Messenger, Google Talk , you just name it , they have active profiles there '
While keeping their women from using the Internet , they are on various online sites everyday; either improving and adding to their own arsenal of  knowledge and current affairs or they are busy with their online business deals or they spend a lot of their waking hours chatting up dozens of females on SKYPE or on their Face book , WhatsApp , Messenger or Twitter profiles .
They conceal their Face Book comments and chats with different females from all the other females on their profiles by posting on FB Message boxes only , never on the Face Book walls of females !
Some of these men who are married or engaged already , present themselves  to girls and women as "Single" or as "In a complicated / toxic relationship with a desparate woman who doesn't satisfy me but she keeps forcing herself on me !" .
Such predatory men arrange dates with scores of  females giving each of them  the same deceptive promises of " my love for you was INSTANT LOVE at first sight ! I assure you of my everlasting love for you and  my desire to marry you very soon . Please , please , my darling , I cant wait anymore ! Let's meet as soon as possible and let start planning our wedding !"
Surely , these men must think they are God's gift  to all women and their false  promises must be the much -awaited magic words and marriage proposals which are  guaranteed to make every single woman somersault several times and roll on the ground with gratitude to men and thanksgiving to God ?? 

For asking this sensational question , Devon Boon  became an instant "Internet Sensation ", ,attracting thousands of friends and followers ,  over night
Many have asked , "She is a sensation for doing what or saying which remarkable stuff on the internet ?"
May be Devon deserves her  "Internet Sensation crown ". She did not ask for it ; all she did was to ask one of the most idiotic questions ever asked by British citizens.
Why wouldn't Devon become an "Internet Sensation "?
All the other " internet sensations " who are attracting  hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers , what remarkable stuff  have they done and said ?
 It is common knowledge that for people who care to do so , all they have to do to attract followers could be doing  the easy, "sensational" work of buying  thousands of followers and subscribers to boost the ratings of their social sites .
 In fact quite a large number of  females have proved that all it takes for them to become overnight " internet sensations "who are attracting thousands of male followers;  is for them to be "generous" enough to post their "sensational " semi nude photos on their social sites and then occasionally , they would post some dumb comments there like "Do you wanna see what am doing to myself , right now? Yeah , I know you do !!".

People were shocked and disgusted ( angry ? ) at Devon Boon 's sensational question.
 It  was an amusing , shocking and sad revelation to hear her question; but LOL! , surprised? No!
I am aware that in the UK and all over the world,  there are millions of men , women , girls and boys like Devon Boon who are adamantly ignorant about what is going on in the world around them.
Such persons are ignorant  not because they lack the brain - power to learn ; but because they just do not give two hoots about acquiring "irrelevant " information about stuff such as important world affairs which do not concern them or appeal to their base instincts.
Surprisingly these same people who have chosen to be basically ignorance; are quite capable of  closely monitoring  the Twitter and Instagram accounts of all their favourite  "celebrities ". 
They know all the activities of the music and film stars ,what they are wearing , the types of latest cars they are driving , the cost of their stars latest houses, what the stars  ate for breakfast and the night -clubs from which their star celebs staggered out  DRUNK ,  last night!
 People are eager to know and sing verbatim ,  the lyrics of ALL  the latest songs on the UK and USA Top Ten Albums or Singles Charts.
They would know the latest  fashion designs and colours in vogue for clothes, shoes and hand bags, the latest perfumes and cosmetics colours .
 But you try asking them simple general knowledge questions and I assure you that you will draw a BLANK.
They are BLANK when it comes to knowledge about important events around them because they consider such information "unnecessary and irrelevant  distractions " .

In one of the comments about Devon Boon's ignorance, someone write expressed disgust and called for a public flogging for her . Some blamed her parents for her lack of general knowledge and her lack of interest in learning..
Public flogging is out of the question ; it changes nothing and changes nobody and it is barbaric ; as such it that cannot be the appropriate punishment  for Devon or for anybody .

My comment is : let the Devon Boons of this world  be. The bliss , if  there is any  in ignorance , does not last .
 TIME usually repays people and their unborn generations for ignorance .
Time is a good and faithful pay-master and the rewards of their ignorance is imminent.
In future , it will be "Pay Day " for all ignorant people and for those people who enforce ignorance on their fellow human beings just because they are terrified and insecure by the light of awareness.
What will publicly flog ignorant people and their oppressors who enforce ignorance on them will come to them , soon or late,   
Poverty, public ridicule , loss , retrogression and shame are the whips in the hand of  Ignorance which mete out deserved public flogging to those who preach or embrace Ignorance .
Unfortunately , when the " public flogging " is taking place , not only the persons who deserve the flogging would feel the pain and the shame ; other innocent members of their families and people connected with them will also suffer .
Even their unborn generations too will suffer the effects of their ignorance.

Happy New Year !