Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Strong, Enduring and Eternal

17." Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.
18. Of his own will he brought us forth by the word of truth, that we should be a kind of first fruits of his creatures ". 
James  1: 17-18. ESV .

The bond between mother and child is strong indeed ; so strong and enduring that even as adults , most people's first port of call when they seek someone to share the latest news concerning their situations with, are their mothers .
Naturally , in times of need or times of crisis, humans would think first of running to Mother for support , counsel and reassurance because Mother and no one else is the person who could be trusted to give them comfort and to keep their secrets secret from third parties.
Mother , indeed, in the one person to be relied upon for comfort and love when all around us have proved untrustworthy and  unreliable .
People would run to Mother not only for comfort and re-assurance when they are distressed ; but Mother is usually the first person to hear the good news concerning their successes, their blessings and joyous situations .
A Mother's love towards her children endures until her last breath.
Female animals have been known to take on bigger predators than themselves when the lives of their off springs were threatened.
Most mothers, 
if their children were under attack; even in the face of danger to themselves from stronger attackers , would fight off such attackers with all their strength even with their last breath , to protect the lives of their off springs .
Some trees and other plants are famous for protecting their leaves , buds and fruits from invasion by destructive insects, birds and humans. They repel such invasions by putting on their natural defences like thorns , colour camouflages or by emitting unpleasant odours and secreting bitter and poisonous liquids.

Thanks be to God the Creator of all things for giving all His living creatures  the gift of Mother's Love !
Maternal love was created and divinely programmed to be all what it is. A biological mother's love is the sample and the earthly shadow of the real thing which is God's love for His children.
The uniqueness of a mother's love is indisputable as it is the purest , strongest and most reliable manifestation of love which a human being could receive from another human being .
For these reasons , many humans, actually love and cherish their mothers to the extent that if they were faced with the difficult choice of pleasing their mothers and maintaining their relationships with their mothers or displeasing God and losing their close relationship with God ; 
they would prefer to please their mothers.

God's love deserves  to be cherished and appreciated above all other love existing among humans.
God is Love who is unconditional and eternal . 
God's love manifests as the caring Father's love and also as the multi- breasted Mother's all-sufficient love which is more than enough to supply abundantly above all we need or desire . 
" And I will be to her a wall of fire all around, declares the Lord, and I will be the glory in her midst." Zechariah 2: 5.
 All what humans would ever need regarding unconditional and unending love, provisions, faithfulness , protection and care is found in God alone. 

"Can a woman forget her nursing child and 
have no compassion on the son of her womb ?
Even these may forget , but I will not forget you ".
 Isaiah 49:15.
 How could a nursing mother " forget " to care and to have compassion for the child she bore?
Strange as the notion seems , many mothers have done just that. They forgot their children when they were most needed by their children !
A mother's forgetfulness could be deliberate or unintentional.
Even as unique as maternal love is, a mother’s love being human and earthly in its nature, is subject to human failings ; as such, Mother's love cannot measure up to the highest standard which is God's unconditional and perfect love .
Like a shadow is fleeting and is not the substance ,so could the uniqueness of maternal love be fleeting and fallible .
Unintentionally , a careless mother could doze off, forgetting to feed her child , or she could fail to position her child properly in the child's bed leading to cot-death !
Some mothers have ignorantly or carelessly fed their children with contaminated food and water which caused severe life-threatening diseases in the children.
 Some mothers have forgotten to give their sick children the correct dosage of prescribed medications.
When in public places, some mothers forget to keep an eye on their children ; resulting in missing children  and fatal accidents resulting from their children running into the paths of fast-moving vehicles!
These acts of carelessness or / and ignorance by mothers are just a few of such which could cause severe injury or death for their children.
But the Eternal Mother , Jehovah El-Shaddai neither sleeps nor slumbers on duty. Psalm 121:1- 4.
Yahweh , Jehovah God is always on duty , day and night , watching  over His children . 
Blessed be His holy Name.

In times of need , when we turn to our mothers , they would be willing to do everything they could do to come to our aid .
But much as our mothers would be willing to do everything to help us , what if their "everything" is not enough to meet our basic needs and wants? What then ?

Some mothers "forget" their love for their children when it comes to matters of the mothers' desires to spend the lion share of their money on their craving for drink , hard drugs, hard smoke, expensive holidays, the latest fashion, beauty and cosmetics products, jewellery and other desirable gadgets .

Another major issue for some mothers is their love of food vis-à-vis the love for their children .
Usually, mothers are responsible for the cooking and dishing out the food in the proportions 
as mothers deem fit, to all members of their household. 
Some mothers find it challenging to overcome the temptation of the sin of selfishness and gluttony when it comes to sharing equitably the family meals .
It has been alleged by some children that their own mothers start eating portions of the meat, fish and chicken during when their mothers are cooking the family meals.
By the time the food is ready to be dished out, such mothers would eat more by serving themselves larger portions of meals and keeping the best and biggest pieces of meat and chicken in their soups for themselves , while leaving the smallest and bony pieces for their children and husbands !
The excuse of such mothers for gobbling large portions of 
their family meals is :
" For the Scripture says, “You shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain,” and, “The labourer deserves his wages.” 1 Timothy 5: 18.

We have seen the distressing sights of the endless adverts of starving children in the media; used by numerous charities to source for donations .
People have often wondered how is it that the diseased , dying and skeletal children seen in those charity advertisements are ,usually, cuddled by mothers who look fit and rosy-cheeked ?!
I hear you !

In Jehovah El Shaddai God there is no lack , no turning or variableness.  James 1:17. 
Strong and sacrificial is maternal love ; but even a mother's love could waver and falter when her joy and her pleasure over the child she bore have ceased.
Some mothers have chosen to forget their love for their children by abandoning them ; may be because their joy as mothers has ceased , due to many reasons.
Reasons such as the fact that the child or children they bore have turned out to be children of sorrow because of the children's physical deformities or depraved characters which have caused shame and sorrow to their mothers and entire families .
Definitely not what or whom their mothers were expecting the children to become ! 

Strange as it sounds, some mothers in the event of their remarriage or starting a new love relationship have chosen to abandon their own children by seeking their personal happiness and fulfilment in the love of their current man.

 Some mothers have complied if their man demanded that such mothers forsake their own children for him ; as his condition for continuing the love relationship.
Also , some mothers have decided to "change gear " by shifting their love , care and attention from their children to their own personal interests ; by investing their love , time and energy in advancing their personal careers, businesses and their own future financial security .
Such mothers give their reasons for such change as the blatant ingratitude they have received from their children.

Appreciating the awesome dimensions of God 's love as Jehovah El-Shaddai "The Multi -Breasted One", is essential and imperative for maintaining our total trust in God as the ultimate provider and supplier of whatever we need in our lives .
Mothers are special , they are indispensable and where would most of us be without our mothers ?
But like all good things on earth, mothers' love is not eternal.
Some day, these great women who rocked our cradles , who are rocking our world, going the extra mile , spending sleepless nights and busy days to care for us and to nurture us ; like all humans , they will pass away.
Some day, you will wake up and hear that your Mother , your most-trusted confidante, your best friend and the greatest love of your life has gone away from this realm !
But , if she was a Christian , she is alive in eternity .
When Mother has gone Home , her God and your God lives and He is your Strong , Enduring and Eternal Multi-breasted One .
Jehovah , the El-Shaddai God alone deserves our adoration and worship.
Appreciate God's faithfulness and goodness .
 Worship Him . Hallelujah ! 

Happy New Year !