Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Whenever "green issues" are mentioned , human activities like ; home and industrial waste management , use of electricity , gas, water and means of travel; readily come to mind as the main issues in the climate change debate.
Fossil fuels, industrial wastes and green house gases are perceived as the "culprits" for our messed up climate.
Even ,cows ,(poor,defendless animals!), have been blame for farting non-stop and contributing to high level of CO2 emission.
Although, there is ample evidence that the by-products from the use of fossil fuels i.e.diesel and petroleum contribute the lion share to adverse climate change,they are , for now , indispensable to our every day needs.
Major changes and huge sacrifices are required.
Everybody has a part to play, however small , in ensuring a greener earth.
There is urgent need for change from harmful human activities which degrade the environment because the problem of climate change is more serious than expected.

The use of alternate fuel sources , bio fuels, have been given the thumbs up as the way out of the quagmire .
Bio fuels,for transport, are fuels made from plant or animals materials.
Two types of bio fuels are:-
Bio diesel , made from palm or soya and waste vegetable oil and:-
bio ethanol made by fermenting starchy and sugary crops such as sugar beet and wheat.
These are highly rated as "clean" fuel sources because they have the potential to reduce CO2 emissions , unlike petroleum and diesel.
Moreover ,future dependence on bio fuels would reduce world dependence on oil and gas and save the human race from prolonged environmental destruction.
But,for best results, for now , bio fuels need to be mixed with diesel or petrol.

Furthermore , a glance around any home ,office or school would confirm that our reliance on petroleum products is quite strong and extensive and would remain so for much more longer than we are ready to admit.

Petrol, gas , crude oil or black gold makes the world go round , literally.
Apart from being a major factor in all most all sections of the world economy, like in aviation , shipping and the automobile industry ; crude oil in the form of lubricants is indispensable in oiling the wheels and machines in the manufacturing sector. In the health sector ,advances in pharmacy, surgery, dentistry , opthalmology and medicine depend solely on the use of petrochemical products .

In our daily existence, we have come to depend on products made from petroleum ranging from basics like antiseptics , hand lotion, shampoo, nail polish ,hair colouring , clothes dye, pillows, mattresses ,panty hose, salad bowls ,purses, electric blankets, mops , candles, umbrellas, bandages, sun glasses , combs, balloons , silk flowers , insecticides , food preservatives ; to major items like credit cards ,VCR tapes and DVDs , TV cabinets , computers , refrigerator linings, water pipes, vitamin capsules , tooth paste , shoes , winter coats ,designer luggage and bags ,yarn, PVC materials, heart valves, hearing aids , artificial limbs , parachutes, false teeth and textiles.
The list is endless!We are, truly, petroleum junkies!
What are the aternatives for these indispensible products?
Some body , somewhere has to think of something much more better than biofuels to meet the immediate and future need for a viable alternative to crude oil.

Something has to be done , fast, to wean the human race from decades of strong dependence on crude oil.
But, what is the alternative to jet travel from London to New York and back for that important business meeting or to attend seminars on
"The Adverse Effects of CO2 Emissions On the Environment"?
Go" green ", travel by canoe, kayak , donkey , camel or by swimming?
Also, cycling has been suggested as the best "green choice" to the problem of CO2 emissions by cars and trains.
Cycling is an excellent form of exercise.
No marks for guessing what the body frames, seats, pedals and wheels of bicycles; even the cyclist helmet , knee pads , elbow pads and gloves are made of.

The effects of climate change can be seen world wide . There is no denial that these adverse effects will worsen if drastic measures are not taken , SOON , to reduce the human activities that are harmful to our beautiful plant.
To be effective ,these efforts have to be joint, determined and sustained sacrifices, by everybody and every national government for ours and our children's sake .
Meanwhile ,think green thoughts.....

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