Tuesday, 21 July 2009


This week's celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon coincided which the beginning of my annual holiday.
I am into loads of science fiction films and computer games.
So, often, I have wondered what it would be like to jet off , not , as usual to a far away sun-soaked beauty spot here on earth; but to jet off in a space craft to an orbital space hotel somewhere in outer space. You know ,to live for one month, in a massive luxury Mother Space Ship, surrounded by the vast expanse of space. With the earth, a beautiful blue orb glowing in the far distance away. Throw in a couple or more planets with beautiful clouds to complete the picture. Here on earth I can smell the sea, the air and see loads of beautiful scenery, people, shops and stuff , all around me. What is it like in space ?
Neil Armstrong said the moon was bare and dead. That space smelt like burnt almonds. Lovely smell.
I think the scenery and smell of outer space are nothing compared with the rush of adrenalin, buzz of excitement and the overwhelming pleasure of achievement which a return space journey gave these three pioneers to the moon.
The desire to have a taste of these experiences is the driving force for those who have had the privilege of belonging to the exclusive club of "Touronauts" as Space Tourists are called.
For all of them ,their brief trips to outer space and the International Space Station has been a dream come true.
To date,there has been very few touronauts. Understandably so ; considering the fact that a 10-day space trip would set you back for at at least £10 million pounds.
The most prominent touronaut is U.S. billionaire software developer , Charles Simonyi. He is the first man on earth who has travelled to space twice as a tourist. His last trip was in April 2009. Both trips cost him about £60 million pounds.
Sir Richard Branson ,amongst others, is the foremost entrepreneur, set to make frequent holidays to the moon and outer space , a reality for mankind by 2050.
Sir Richard's Virgin Galactic Project is a pace setter in space tourism. The Project bears the hallmark of his adventurous and pioneering spirit.
There has been talk of orbital hotels in space for future touronauts and, of course, holiday money to spend in outer space.
This currency is the unique space currency: the Quid - Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination. Proposed exchange rate for the Quid is : Q1 = £6.25!
Estimated cost for one week space trip will be £575,000.
The sheer thought of it is very exciting.
That would be THE adventure of a life time and I am up for it . Any sponsors out there ?
Well for now , for me,I will have to make do with the down -to -earth kind of holiday. Same for millions of Britons who have jetted out on holiday this week.
Looking forward to the delights of plenty of sun , sand and sea and the freedom to "shut down and shut out" every day routine.
The sheer bliss of lying on the beach or poolside , soaking in the sun and sipping a tall fruit cocktail; without a care in the world. And plenty of Retail Therapy!

Even before 2050, if the Lord tarries, when space tourism will be common place trips; before you jet off to some far away space paradise , please bear in mind how much just a "paltry million" pounds can do for , say, 100 Charities on planet earth .
If you don't have a clue "WHAT" , please ask me .
There are millions out there who NEED the Cash for life's basic goodies.
Thank you and God bless you, real good . Amen!

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