Saturday, 20 November 2010

Go for it , Ann !

What would keep millions of Londoners indoors , glued to their TV sets on a Saturday night ?
Usually , Londoners are spoilt for choice of entertainment and fun , every day of the week ; especially on Friday and Saturday nights and on Sunday afternoons.
The sight of Ann Widdecombe former MP, dishing out some nifty Tango and Samba steps on the dance floor has been the crowd-puller to make millions of people to choose TV instead of heading for the excellent entertainment spots on offer all over the City on Saturday nights !
But it could have gone the other way round and Ann could have been booed off the show!
The organisers of this year’s “ Celebrity Come Strictly Dancing” took a gamble and they got it right ; spot on !

Usually , am not keen on watching competitions like “Strictly Come Dancing ”; which results are decided by public phone votes .
Firstly , I have better things to do on Saturday evenings and secondly , except on a couple of times in the past, I have not been impressed by the final results of such competitions.
I have noticed that a lot of fantastic talents in such competitions never make it to the finals of such shows and that the final winners have not always the best or the most popular in the show.

But three Saturdays ago , it was an unusual sight seeing Ann Widdecombe (Conservative Party former MP for Maidstone and the Weald 1997-2010 and member of the Conservative Christian Fellowship);
doing unusual displays on the dance floor!
Ann , the no – nonsense, fiery Lady of British politics made her entrance unto the dance stage by gliding on ropes with arms and legs spread out ; flying down from the stage ceiling to the dance floor to do a hot dance with her dance partner Anton Du Beke!
This spectacle earned her and her partner the standing ovation of millions of viewers , world-wide; as far a field as the USA and even Moscow !
The following Monday , the efforts of the distinguished MP on the dance competition soon became the talk of the town in Parliament , in offices and schools ; which made people like me who didn’t watch the original episode to watch the recorded version on BBC iPlayer , a few days later .
I laughed like never before !
What Ann lacks in dancing skills , I think she makes up for by her determination to add bring in a lot of “ va-va vroom” into the competition!
Her dancing has been of high entertainment value ; indeed! !
It has been pure fun watching Ann since and it is heart-warming that Ann has a huge public support and following which has kept in the competition ; up till last Saturday night.
That in spite of the very low marks awarded her and Anton by the judges .
Craig Revel-Horwoood , the “always-moaning judge”; do you mind ? Please show some respect and tone down your harsh criticisms of Ann’s dancing !
So far , in this year’s competition , she is the hottest favourite and many do appreciate her efforts to master the various dance steps , each week!
But can Ann win the competition ? I do not think so .
This Saturday , she has survived to dance another day in the show.
Like I said , before , these competitions provide entertainment but they are also serious business ventures , with huge profit as their ultimate purpose .
Well !What next ? What can I say ?
Until Ann leaves the show , let’s enjoy it while it lasts !
Go for it Ann! We love your spirit!

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  1. Hi Tina, thanks for sharing, I did not watch it but heard vaguely about you are so right, it is 'pure fun'. I hope you are having a very good week-end. Weather is awful here still not complaining.
    God bless x


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