Friday, 14 January 2011

Charity Concert at London Hammersmith Apollo

It was a night of fun, glitter and celebrity turnout at the London HMV Hammersmith Apollo , last night , Thursday 13th January.

The event was for raising money for the Killing Cancer Charity that funds research into PDT- Photodynamic Theraphy, a little-known therapy that destroys cancer cells with a single treatment – without patients suffering the emotional and physical trauma of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) works by light combining with a drug that switches off the oxygen reaching the target cells and is a fraction of the cost of current cancer treatments.
Despite this, PDT is rarely offered to patients and the gig will highlight the availability of this cutting edge therapy.

There was a huge turnout of supporters at the event.
They came to support this remarkable therapy;indicating their resolve not to just talk the talk ; but essentially to do the work and do the giving for this and future cancer treatment researches.

Apart from an impressive celebrity attendance on the night, there was a line up of famous rock legends who came together to perform at this first Killing Cancer Concert which is part of a campaign to change the way cancer can be treated.
On stage were Bryan Adams, Richard Ashcroft, Jeff Beck, Debbie Harry and
The Who Rock legends ; united to highlight a revolutionary cancer treatment.

It was a night to remember; as it was exciting not only to be present and experience the atmosphere of the event , but to hear and see the various video clips of the impact of this latest break through in Cancer Research and to hear the testimonies of numerous patients and cancer survivors whose lives have been impacted for good by this remarkable PDT .
Where there is no vision and knowledge , people perish.
May the Almighty God , the Creator of the human body and the Giver of all scientific knowledge ,reveal to men and women of vision, more and more of His secrets and His immeasurable knowledge; to bless Mankind with revolutionary cures like this. Amen.
Proceeds from the concert will also be supporting new trials with PDT for throat cancer and for disfiguring vascular tumours – including birthmarks.
The organisers of the concert hope that this will also be a catalyst for an increase in public and corporate donations that will speed the launch of other PDT trials for heart and arterial disease, cervical, vulval and penile cancer.
To get more information and to support this charity , visit

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