Saturday, 9 April 2011

Mobile Phones War Escalates !

Mobile phone subscribers have never had it so good in the UK!
What with the major mobile phone servers courting their patronage with juicy , hard-to-resist offers.
The competition for the biggest share of the huge market is raging fiercely among phone companies like Vodafone, O2 , T Mobile , Orange, 3; to mention a few.
Customers have been inundated with text messages and online offers on these companies' websites about their latest deals.
The most popular of these are from 02 and Vodafone , especially for BlackBerry phones users.
The eye-catching one for me and most people is from O2; offering 12 months SIM only BlackBerry deal for Web and Text for as little as £7.50 and a maximum of £26.00 for unlimited texts and 500 MB Web Access. That is the best deal ever from O2.
Not to be outdone , Vodafone and T Mobile have come up with there own answers to O2's challenge!
Among other FREEBEES DEALS they are offering the public, Vodafone has in the past months offered a FREE SIM ONLY deal of 500MB Free Web Access and free 500 texts ; all FREE on BlackBerry phones until June 30th, 2011!
The others , especially T MOBILE , have loads of similar tempting offers on their websites.
The more deals , the merrier for us their subsribers !
It seems for a long time to come , mobile phone users will be spoiled for choice as this "Wars of the Big Five Servers " rages on.
Very Good news for us subscribers that they continue their healthy competitions for our patronage.

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