Sunday, 15 May 2011

What an Exciting Fortnight!

The past two weeks have been a time for exciting events and dramatic "Breaking News" in the UK and from around the world .
These news and events are worthy of note because ; apart from been dramatic , each of them had a lesson or two to impart to the human race.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, now on their honeymoon got married a fortnight ago, on 29th April.
The excitement of the unforgetable Wedding of the Century had hardly died down before the world was stunned to hear the news that Osama Bin Laden had been caught in his hideout in Pakistan
He resisted arrest and he was promptly "taken out" by gun shots to his eye and head.
Since the death of bin Laden there has been either jubiliation or condemnation for the daring and successful attack by American SEAL officers who carried out the Presidential order to arrest bin Laden.
Depending on regional inclinations, reactions to his death varied from shouts of " God bless America" and "Good riddance!" from different parts of the globe ; while in some parts, the reactions were the usual street protests, riots, killings, arson , bombings and the shouts of "Revenge", " death to ALL infidels!", and so on.
Some commentators even expressed their views that the US government should have accorded Osama bin Laden "the honour of a civilised arrest, respect for the rule of law, justice , his human dignity, his human rights, mercy, forgivenness and a proper burial"!

On the UK political scene, the AV (Alternative Vote) Referendun and the Local Government elections took place in the first week of May.
These elections caused major upheavals for the main political parties; whereby many MPs lost their seats leading to demands for the resignation of the Deputy Prime Minister and the results triggered renewed demands for Scottish independence.
The AV Referendum on the 5th of May, resulted in the expected "NO" vote from the populace.

The UK Premier league Football clubs gave us thrilling and amazing semi-final matches which resulted in the two surprise emergence of Manchester City FC and Stoke City FC as finalists for the prestigious FA Cup .
To attain this elevated status, the two low division clubs had surprised every body, even their ardent fans , by seeing off football "gaints" like Chelsea , Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool and others.
At the weekend, it was with great pleasure that millions of football fans, worldwide, watched Manachester City FC and Manchester United , the two clubs from Manchester, clinch the FA Cup and Premier League Cup , respectively.

Among other news which made flashing headlines was the breaking news that dozens of prominent citizens in the UK had applied for court injunctions to prevent the media from publishing stories about their " private lives", a.k.a. "Sexual escapades".
These celebrites through their lawyers had applied to the courts for super injunctions to , according to them , prevent the UK media from causing "embarassment and emotional distress" to their wives and children with "these false allegations" !
As if these men did not know they had wives and families before playing " away games".
They could succeed in getting the courts to restrain the electronic and print media, but not possible with Twitter and Facebook .
Last week, the two networking sites went viral with full details of the applications for super injunctions . They featured Tweets and comments, revealing the IDs of the celebrites who have applied for court injunctions to gag the press and the secrets they were desperately trying to cover up.

On this note, what news could be more befitting to crown the fortnight of dramatic news than the breaking news of the arrest of the head of the IMF for allegation of attempted rape , on Sunday ? !
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF chief and French presidental hopeful was accused by a hotel maid in New York, during the last weekend, of unlawful imprisonment, criminal sexual acts and attempted rape.
Strauss-kahn , now is in police custody in New York.
He has denied all accusations while his lawyers and his wife , as most wives and lawyers do in cases like this , have spoken in his defence. " He could never do a thing like that !" " We have been happily married for years!"
Indeed you have been !
Strauss in handcuffs , unshaven and looking very nervous before the cameras of the world press was a pitiful site to view on TV , as he appeared in court on Monday.
The next breaking news could be that these people have taken out court super injunctions to gag not only the world press, but also Twitter and Facebook, from reporting on Strauss-Khan's past and latest sexual escapades.
That would be a tall order, indeed.
Have an exiciting week !

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