Thursday, 23 June 2011

Fatherhood : It Takes Two.

Parents owe it a duty to their unborn children to take on parenthood with all the seriousness it deserves by choosing to procreate with , not just any man or woman they admire; but by making babies with the right partners who are willing to commit to a life-time of parenthood .
Men must, consciously decide, to be fathers indeed and to make efforts to be involved with the rearing of their children.
There is a world of benefits to be gained by being a hands-on father.

It takes two persons ; the mother and the father to decide to give birth to a child.
Fatherhood can not be forced on any man by any woman or any government.
One-sided decisions to saddle unwilling men with fatherhood would continue to breed a myriad of social problems and emotional problems .
You should not and cannot force an unwilling horse to the water-trough so no one should trap, bribe, or beg an unwilling man to remain in a relationship.
If a man does not want to be with you on a permanent basis as a husband and father to your unborn children , so be it!
Let him "walk "; for your own peace of mind and for the sake of your unborn children!

Parents , especially mothers , you owe your children the duty to know and vet the full details as to the character , background, and disposition of the men or women you choose to make babies with!
One-night stands and patronising Sperm Banks are NOT the best options for your children's future emotional well-being.
"You shall not cast your young". Amen.
If you waste your seed by giving your semen to strangers, you have "casted"( wasted) your seed and this would invoke a curse on you. Genesis 38:8-10.

Be alert , be in the Spirit; watching for tell-tale signs of perversions in your relationship and marriage.
Never take any body or anything for granted.
It never ceases to amaze me when I see intelligent women who , weeping profusely, come to Social Services for help ; and then I hear them say , they do not know how Social Services can trace their run-away men !
They do not even know the National Insurance number or passport numbers of men they were married to or had co-habited with for many years!
They went on foreign holidays together, several times and yet no idea of his passport number?
"How could I have known he would do this to me?! He has abandoned me and our four children with thousands of pound debts; bills ,incurred mainly by him! "
Some women are so laid-back that they were not even aware that their men had changed his job and re-routed all his mail to another address, even three months , before he moved out!

Just as there are men who are unwilling to enter into the commitment of marriage with any woman and do not want the responsibilities of fatherhood, so also there are women who do not desire marriage or a serious relationship with any man.
This group of unwilling women want babies but they have decided that they do not have the time nor the space in the lives for , what they call , problems from men or " Man Stress".
Women desiring "designer babies" with anonymous fathers , pay huge fees to view and choose from the photos and bio-data of donor men listed by the Sperm banks.
Then they select out of many , their preferred male as to the desired height , race , skin tone , hair and eye colours , looks , IQ and even the profession of the sperm donor; who they think would make the cutest IVF babies!

The chosen man's semen is then used to fertilise the women's eggs and make human embryos which are then frozen and stored , until when these women are ready to take on the responsibilities of motherhood.
Some young girls and women have stored more than a dozen frozen embryos, for future use; to guarantee their ability to give birth to their own children, even after they reach menopause.
Men who sell their semen must sign a contract relinquishing all claims to fatherhood of any child born from such sold sperm .
Also, these IVF contracts forbid all attempts by either the man or woman to try to trace the identity of each other.
Children born from these sperm - donor arrangements would then find it impossible, in future, to trace who their fathers are.

Mothers, in future, when any of your "designer" children ask you the inevitable question :"Mum , who and where is my father?"; does your child deserve to hear this from you?
"Oh yes, your father! Honey, he was a nice bloke and gorgeous! Just like you, darling.
We met somewhere and y'know..., but, oh gosh, I FORGOT to get his name and phone number! Sorry!"
"You say he was a nice bloke? Then, Mum, why did you not ask for his contact details and why did you not stay with him?"
"Why did HE not ask for MY contact details ?
WHY? WHY? Don't make me laugh! You are a child! Don't worry ! Some day , you will understand WHY it is so that in this life; since hunters have learnt to shoot without missing , birds have learnt to fly without perching!"

OR are you going to tell your child this ?;
"Your Dad? Whao ! Unforgettable! Tall, fantastic eyes and physique, lovely smile; he was, all-round Drop-dead gorgeous! Very intelligent, too.
His bio data stated that he was a top-flight stock-broker but I never had the pleasure of meeting him because he was just a face and a code number with no name, which I downloaded from the website of a Sperm Bank!"
May the Lord have mercy and deliver the human race from self-destruction. Amen.

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