Wednesday, 11 January 2012

January Sales - Time to Invest.

The January Sales are here again!
The Top 30 Shops in the UK started their annual January Sales, as usual, on Boxing Day, 2011 to end on 31st January, 2012.
Even after the mega shopping before the recent Festive period, the fun and excitement of getting very good bargains during the January Sales have kept shoppers going for more shopping. This year,the sales offers are really tempting and top quality fashion goods, cosmetics, jewellery , electronics, computers , household appliances ,even food and cars are up for grabs at incredible prices.
The Shopping Culture for millions of people in the UK is to restrain their spending and shop minimally for essentials at Christmas ; while they save up for the next January Sales because for most people ,there is no other time of the year to get the best bargains on all items, than now. During the January sales , people buy at reduced prices, stock up for the whole year and even shop for next Christmas.

Annually, shoppers from all over the world flock into the UK; especially into London, the world's No.1 Shoppers' Paradise, for these January bargains which start on Boxing day, when huge crowds start queuing up at the doors of many shops as early as 3 a.m!
Ladies, especially, look forward to these sales and would save all year round for massive shopping at the January sales in popular top bracket stores like John Lewis, Debenham , Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Marks & Spencer, River Island, Selfridges, Boots, TM Lewin which are very popular for huge bargains for shoes , clothes , handbags, cosmetics, perfumes ,lingerie , bed linen, jewellery and many others.
The accountant in me can spot good deals , a mile off!
For me January sales is the time to buy not only reduced-priced perishable goods like food, drinks, sweets and desserts; but this is the opportunity to invest in highly reduced quality durable goods which appreciate in value and which are useful for years and years to come.
Now is the time for investing in Gold or silver jewellery, watches, winter coats, top quality designer shoes , handbags , shirts , tailored blouses and suits; perfumes and cosmetics. Also , during mega sales like this, it is wise to invest in top range kitchenware , electronics, computers and accessories; and other household appliances which are on offer for as much as 60% reductions in their normal prices.
The sales are also an opportunity for internet traders to invest in stock of various goods which could be sold on eBay and sites , for huge profits.
If a trader on eBay could flog Henson Blumenthal's Christmas Mince Pies(packet of 6), for £250 per packet, which were being sold for as cheap as £1.64 in Waitrose before Christmas; then I can do even better than that on my eBay and sites!

The rule for striking great deals at the sales is: shop around and shop smartly. Before Christmas ,millions of people shopped on line. The on line shopping trend has continued this January because the best sales bargains can be found by surfing the Web; to compare prices in the various shops websites and to discover the best bargains on line.
For people like me who do not have the time to move from shop to shop , comparing prices, on line shopping in the comfort of our homes is the preferred option.
Scouring the various shops' websites has yielded surprise reductions in the most unlikely places. Massive bargains during this January sales can be found in top shops like Harrods - 70%, Harvey Nichols- 60% and Selfridges- 75% , TK MAXX -80%, Sports Direct- 80%. -70%, ASOS 70% & H& M- 70%.
These top-bracket shops , usually , do not offer such high reductions on their top-quality stock!
TX MAXX is doing some fantastic reductions on fashion goods , especially winter coats which have been reduced in prices for as much as from £350.00 to just under £120. While River Island and Debenham have gorgeous deals on shoes and handbags.
These are very good offers and it is smart to grab these type of offers NOW because, they would not be repeated like his again till next Spring/ Summer/Winter Sales , may be.
Credit cards with 0% APR are indispensable assets and they are very useful for investing in bulk purchases during the Sales. If you do not have the privilege of a credit card, Master Cards or Debit Visa Cards are good options.
If you are using your credit cards, don't be carried away by the tempting offers on display to embark on a wild shopping spree!
Some one told me that she cannot resist buying every thing she fancied in the shops.
She says, "These gorgeous goods are winking at me ; they are calling my name and saying, "Take me home, baby!"
And I say, the cure for that is ; wink back at the goods , call their names and tell them to , "Shoosh and hop it!"

Have a wonderful time at the Sales!

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