Friday, 19 July 2013

Making the best of the sweltering heat in London

A friend  and work colleague called me this  morning  to find out why I didn't show up at the office .
Told him am off duty ; so am free, am at large , roaming  about , painting the city of London RED. .
His response : " Lazy people like you should  be FIRED because you are a drain on the British Economy ! "
My response: " Hu! Hu ! Is this "sour grapes" because you applied but were refused a day off  ?!
You know that people like me  , actually, uphold the British economy. We  work hard , pray hard and  play hard! Come on , my darling , admit it ; you wish you were off duty like me enjoying this  lovely weather .
But sorry baby , you've just  got  to sweat it out at  work today , whether you like it or not..
 See you much later.  Taa dah! Bye !"

Let's face it , the  UK is not  made for hot whether , therefore people here are NOT  prepared for  it when " an inferno " like this hot weather which has descended on the society in the past fortnight  happens.
Truly , this is  too much  heat  for the UK; even  by  tropical standards , it has been uncomfortable..
The British do not  like prolonged hot weather and people are complaining and  longing for a return  of the " good old British weather!"
Really ? The same cold and rainy weather which they couldn't wait  to see the back of .
Well , no sign of  cold weather  now and unless a miracle happens ,  it won't happen , until  may be late September , according  to today's latest UK weather news.
Oh dear! That's not good news is it ?
Many  people in the London area  have  inundated the  Emergency Services like the Police , the NHS and the Ambulance Service  with phone calls to complain about the hot weather.
 " Please, somebody help us!Cant  stand  this heat any more  The government  must  do something about  this d--d weather! . Make it  go away , now !"
The Emergency Services and government should do something like what... ?

It has been proven that excessive heat saps the physical and mental energies of humans and even of animals and birds.
No wonder some people in the UK have reported sick at  work and stayed  home  to nurse their  grudges against the heat and  to curse the hot weather.
Today , I have planned my day off , not  to stay indoors moaning  about the heat.
Started the day doing my weekend  shopping this morning and I am spending the rest of the day getting  in  the mood for a long weekend of  relaxation , chilling out and doing great stuff to cool off the heat.
Stuff like going  this afternoon to my favourite Beauty  Spa  to  spend hours getting  the "full works" - that is  a complete physical and mental make-over - doing  my hair , nails , facials  and getting  a full body  massage.  Then I will top all of  it up  with a long cold swim in the pool.
Well here I go for well-deserved day off.
You try and enjoy this unusual  weather while it  lasts . OK.

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  1. Good on you . Your programme sounds fun! Ill join in..We love a sunny weather especially Steven even though he comes from Preston. Blessings x


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