Friday, 9 August 2013

At the Olympic Stadium for the Olympics Anniversary Games 2013.

Nostalgia . Sweet memories . These were just a  few of  the words people used  to  describe their emotions as the doors of the London Olympic Stadium  opened for the first time in almost 12 months  to admit  tens of thousands of  fans into its cavernous main bowl.
How time flies ! It' s a year already since the awesome spectacles , the pomp and the glory which accompanied the London 2012 Olympics, yet the memories are still fresh in the minds of millions of people.
I was privileged  to  attend the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony and to watch some of the  field , track and swimming events  during the 2012 Olympics fortnight .  
It was a glorious Olympics indeed, to say the least.
How could anyone  forget awesome and  glorious scenes  and spectacles like these  ones which featured during the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony ?

Great Britain  and the world  loved every  minute of  the two-weeks Olympics razz-matazz .
 Millions  worldwide, hoped for an encore and they got one when British Athletics  announced that it will host three days of world-class athletics action from 26 to 28 July 2013, on the anniversary of the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 
The first year anniversary celebrations  were  eagerly awaited  by  millions  in the UK and  abroad.
Of course , no one expected  the scenes during  this  Anniversary Games to be  equal or even  be  near in comparison  to that of the real show  last year , but millions were all the same eager  to scramble  for  tickets  to  attend  the 3-day events.        
Now named Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park , the Olympic Park  has  become a popular site for tourists .
During the past year, the other parts of the Olympic Park  have been opened  to  tourists and other visitors, but the main bowl which is the Olympic stadium itself  has rarely , been opened to members of the general public and tourists, since the Olympic Closing ceremony  in  July 2012.
The Olympic  Stadium , London
So when the news broke that this " no entry" arena was  to be thrown open for  three days  only , for the Sainsbury's Anniversary Games 2013  which  took place from Friday  26th  July  to  Sunday 28 July 2013 , there was a rush for tickets  for the events.
Many people missed out on getting tickets because the  initial 70,000 tickets released in mid April 2013 by the British Athletics , sold out in under 6 hours , the same day !

The Sainsbury's Anniversary Games 2013 spanned three days of athletics, with IAAF Diamond League action on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, featuring the return of many Olympic champions, and a third day of action on the Sunday dedicated to showcasing the Paralympic champions of 2012.         
Come the first day of  Anniversary Games, thousands of sports fans , including  myself  trooped to the stadium . 
We looked forward  to re-living  the Olympics atmosphere and to  be entertained by  top medal- winning and record-breaking  athletes , most of whom  featured in the 2012 Olympics .
The  main attractions during the 3-day event were the Olympics golden stars , Usain Bolt , Mo Farah , Jessica Ellis , Christine Uhuruogu and a host of top athletes from the USA and other countries.
We were not disappointed by  the organisation of the Anniversary Games and by the star-quality  performances of  the athletes . 
The Anniversary Games were well worth it and it was a brilliant outing. 
 Day 1

Yours truly having a ball , dining  in one of the restaurants in the Olympic Park.
Here we go !


Usain Bolt making a grand entrance into the Olympic Stadium in a rocket car!

Bolt, powering  home , as usual in top form to the delight of  the spectators.

Christine Uhuruogu  of GB cleared the 400 metes in 50 seconds , record style

Day 2 -Saturday


Day 3


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