Thursday, 17 December 2015

"THE VISION OF MY FATHER "- What is it about ?

Now on sale on  kindle .

Excerpts from the book  : 

" God started His relationship with man from His pedestal as the Creator of man ; as such,  from the beginning , not man, but God called and He is still calling the shots.
God ‘s mind is His will which is expressed through God’s word.
In the relationship between God and man , God’s word were and  have been His guiding principles for man's walk with God .
God ‘s word  says "This is my word to light your path in my relationship with you and these are the consequences of your rejecting my word 
Your reward for obeying my word are peace, victory and joy in my presence for ever."
Then God gave Man and still gives man the freewill to accept or reject His word......"

"The Vision of My Father " is my seven -chapter e-book ; my own little contribution to herald the much -awaited Final Post of the plan of God for mankind. 
It is about , chiefly, the expression of the love of God whereby He created man for the Purpose of ordaining man as God 's heir  on the earth.
Also , I have written about why and how it is imperative that man reciprocates God's Love by responding through Faith and Hope.
This essential thread of God's Love, man's Faith and man's Hope is evident throughout  all the chapters of the book .
The book "The Vision of my Father " sets out  to present God's Salvation Plan from before Elohim the Triune God created man in His own image and before He re-created and transformed the earth from being a watery waste land , festering in darkness to become a beautiful and functional planet; now the befitting place for human habitation  .
The book describes the elaborate preparations made by Elohim to make the earth the very best home for Adam and Eve.
Also , I have written about these Truths :
* Why God speaks to man , even after repeated rebellion from mankind;
* Who Jesus Christ is ;
* How and why the name of Jesus Christ is the only name whereby  man can       be saved.
 * Why Christ is the only way and the only access to God the Father and to            eternal life.  
* Why God has continued to uphold His Vision for mankind  and for the earth; 
* God has kept His word til now ; therefore we can rely on the word of God          regarding the events which will take place soon on the earth.

The Vision of God sets out to deliberately transform the earth for two purposes:
1. Earth was created to be inhabited  by man;
2. The purpose of the Second Coming of the Lord .
Not only was the earth created to be inhabited by humans, but the earth was created to be the place where Christ came to live and to die for all mankind ; also the earth is the planet where Christ after His Second Coming ; will set up the Kingdom of Heaven and His reign as King .
The book discusses the following soon-coming events on the earth ; how and why all mankind must prepare for these events and the position of the Body of Christ, the Church ,  in the Last Days :
1. The Rapture of the Saints ;
2.  The Great Tribulation years after the Rapture ;
3. The Remnant Church;
4. The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ ;
5. The Kingdom of Heaven is established on earth.

Today , more than ever before the Kingdom of God on the earth await the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ when He will return to the earth an the conquering King of Kings; to begin His reign in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.
All creations groan and we are excited and expectant as we await the glorious event of the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ .
For Christians ,this will be the time for receiving our expected glorious inheritance as promised by God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ .
We say , "Come, Lord Jesus !"

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