Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Victims of bullying had enough terror and humiliation to contend with already. The new dimension to this problem is the unpleasant addition of cyber bullying.
The good news is that,as at yesterday,some celebrities have formed a support group to assist victims of cyber bullying and focus attention on the crime of bullying.

Cyber-bullies use emails and internet social networking sites to spread uncomplimentary information about their victims.
These people could be known to their victims or they could be faceless mischief-makers , or even stalkers bent on harassing people.
Whatever,all forms of bullying are as unacceptable as they are unpleasant

Bullying thrives, not only in schools ; but in almost all sections of the community.
In schools ,offices, communities and in homes ; children , adults and even animals live in constant fear as victims of bullies.
Sexual harassment and violence, verbal abuse , extortion, threats to life , fear of grievous body harm , robbery, threats to steal or destroy properties and emotional torture are issues which some members of the community have to contend with, daily.
Bullying terrorises and scars its victims.

The weapon of control; by causing fear and intimidation is employed by bullies to lord it over their victims.
The driving force in a bully is the need to control another human being or to control a group . Ironically , the need to control fellow human beings is stronger in persons with deep-seated inferiority complex and phobias.
A bully's diseased mind would seek pleasure in causing pain to others because he or she has unresolved painful issues in his / her life gnawing at the inner recesses of the mind.
A bully would express his feelings of inadequacy and fear of rejection by asserting himself , seeking the attention and " respect" of others, by coercion.
Coercion by threats of physical violence , death and emotional torture is the bully's leash around the victim's neck.
When their victims cower before them in fear, that is the "respect" bullies crave!

And so, peace loving people , even whole communities , are held to ransom by anti social elements demanding "respect" when they have no achievements whatsoever to deserve any body's respect!
Bullies are cowards because they would pick on victims they consider weak, "soft" and vulnerable. Rarely would a bully take on a victim stronger than him.
Also , bullies derive sadistic pleasure in seeing the pain and terror in their victims. No amount of pleas or peace offerings would deter a bully. In fact the more the victim "turns the other cheek", the more "slaps" the bully lands on his face!

As with all control freaks and cowards, the only "stop sign" , bullies respond to is sustained resistance or a fire -for-fire approach .
All cowards flee in the face of superior fire-power.
Superior fire power here does not mean physical battles with bullies!
It means unmasking and punishing all cowards who make life unpleasant for others.

When communities and governments send out a clear message that bullying and crime, in any form, will be punished , not by taps on the knuckles only ,but with adequate sentences, crime levels will fall , drastically.

Excuses should not be made for the unacceptable behaviour of bullies.
Legislation, coupled with stiff penalties,such as expulsion from schools , loss of council accommodation, termination of employment , restraining orders and lengthy jail terms must be enforced against the crime of bullying in schools , in the community , in offices and on the internet!
Unimaginable fears and trauma inflicted on victims , remain etched in their mind, sometimes for life. Nobody deserves to suffer such damage.

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