Saturday, 14 March 2009


Here I am ,cooing ,sucking my wee finger , blowing bubbles and gurgling with sheer delight . Beaming gorgeous smiles at the beautiful world around me.
Mummy's soothing voice and hands are ever- present to comfort and soothe me, whenever I cry out demanding love and attention.
I love everybody and everybody loves me.
Every body loves a bonny , cutey , cuddly baby.Isn't it?

"Good baby!", says everybody.
All I see around me are smiling, happy faces ; mouthing " God bless you ".
Surely, these faces smiling at me , hugging me and greeting me warmly must be real. They are Kind , warm and friendly people . They all wish me well.

Smiling faces are faces of true friends ; of happy, nice and contented persons who have little or no problems . These are people who are at peace with themselves and the entire world. A smiling face shows that the smiling person (smiler?)is happy to see or meet others. The child in me believes that when people hear good news about someone and they beam with smiles, it is an indication that the smiler is pleased to hear about the progress of others.
A smiling face is indicative of a good soul .

As for those who rarely smile? Always looking sad and frowning? Scary!
Surely they must be wicked, sad, bitter and depressed people!
A frowning face shows that person must be going through hard times.
These ugly frowning faces have evil minds. Unlike smiling , beautiful faces.
Sad faces must be thinking sad, warped thoughts about me , about themselves and the entire world .
I must stay close to mum ; keep away from all frowning faces.

No child would not see through the smile ,the hug and the kiss of a Judas.

The child in every human being would believe the smiling sales man who sells syrup,calling it honey; would believe the smiling bank manager who hard-sells a mortgage, credit cards and bank loans to customers ; knowing fully well that some people cannot afford them.

The child in men and women believed Bernard Madoff.
His face must have beamed with broad smiles,as he reeled out speech after speech, during those numerous business meetings when he persuaded thousands to invest their entire life savings in his wonderful schemes .
Smiling Madoff and his promises to investors of "Eldorado"and huge returns, was a lethal cocktail ,indeed!

Childhood is a period of bliss. Bliss resulting from complete ignorance and absence of all worries. It is an era of a blissful routine of eating, sleeping , laughing and being doted upon by all.
A child just sits there,loving everyone, giving everybody toothy smiles; vulnerable, believing and trusting that every smiling face comes with good intentions.

The child in me sees no evil , hears no evil and believes that in everyone there is something good , pure and beautiful.
Ignorance is good for the soul and the spirit.
Growing up comes with realisation which is an eye-opener to the harsh realities of life. A rude awakening indeed.
Knowledge that one has been dining with a bunch of smiling devils could kill one's faith in humanity. Numbing and scarring the psyche.

The child in me would rather remain in this blissful cocoon , gurgling and smiling happily with my head in the clouds.
Leaving my mind , soul and spirit unfettered;free to believe and love .

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