Tuesday, 31 March 2009


The demand for cosmetic dentistry procedures have risen 300% in the last five years (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry).
Bright smiles are the ultimate fashion accessories, now.
As such they are in high demand and expensive to acquire and maintain.
Next to hair care and facials , teeth whitening is a "must have" for most celebrities.

Cosmetic Dentistry is less invasive than the other well known cosmetic procedures.
Also they are cheaper and quicker to achieve. These treatment can be in-office or a dentist prescribed home D-I-Y kit.
The former is more expensive but more popular because in just one hour, stained or deformed teeth can be transformed into gleaming pearly whites, by a professional touch.

Sparkling white teeth are within easy reach by applying peroxide bleaching compounds which can brighten smiles six to eight shades lighter than before.
The in-office treatment has on offer Zoom, BrightSmile & LaserSmile to bring on those dazzling smiles ! These whitening treatments last at least six months before a top-up application . One session costs between $400 to $1000, depending on the treatment.
The home D-I-Y kits cost about $40 and the whitening process takes a longer period . It entails once or twice a day application for 14 nights straight ; no days skipped !

These procedures are worth the effort because a smile makes all the difference in life.
A smile melts hearts and opens doors to opportunities , to love, to friendship and goes much further than words.
An attractive smile is so potent that teeth whitening and a great sense of humour (GSOH) is a top priority social skill amongst upwardly mobile executives.
Some sales person have perfected the art of smiling to the level of being able to sell a deep freezer to an Eskimo!
To make give a good impression , a dazzling smile enhances your "total package" of dressing , fashion accessories , hair , make-up and body language; whenever you attend those life-changing interviews and auditions.
Except when the audition / job is for a horror movie or for the post of a funeral parlour attendant; then a smile will be out of place. If so,you would stand a better chance if you could, please, zip up your bright new gnashers!

Health wise, hearty laughter is good for the heart; and smiles and laughter tone all the facial muscles ; so smile to look younger.

However , smiles should be given and taken with caution.
Flashing the "toothy-smiley" at people who are having or have had a bad day,is not a wise option.
Although, a smile has a lot to offer , excessive smiling ,laughter or giggling could be misconstrued for fickleness, flirting , deceit and attention seeking.
Some people think excessive gaiety is irritating, lousy behaviour!
While an ever-smiling face could , also , be taken as a cry for help ,a cover-up for heartbreak and as a sign of the on set of insanity or of demonic possession in a person!

I mentioned in a previous blog "The Child in Me", that broad smiles conceal the real intentions in the heart. It is not "Spiritwise" or streetwise to take people at their "smile-value".
It is foolhardiness to think that a smile is an indicator of a person's level of happiness or friendliness.
"The heart is deceitful above all things , and desperately wicked: who can know it ? " Jeremiah 17:9 (KJV)
In espionage missions and in carrot-and -stick situations , constant smiling and a friendly demeanor are effective masks to disguise the hidden agenda of an enemy.

Whatever opinion we hold about smiling,it is useful.
Even if you cannot afford whitened teeth , all you need is a smiling face! Smile ;whether with brown ,yellow or white, sparkling teeth; whether it is a fake or genuine smile; a smile brightens the atmosphere in any room.

So bring on the smiles and have a happy "giggly" day!"

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