Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Sad, painfully sad , that we should experience the pain ,anger and shock that came with the news that ANOTHER defenceless baby has been battered to death and was ignored as he battled for his life. His little head, face and body were punched and kicked by his mother's boyfriend !
Surprisingly ( or is it not surprisingly! )he was ignored by his mother.
Nobody came to his aid , until it was too late.
Not only did Baby Brandon Muir suffered 40 horrific injuries to his little body , he went through unimaginable agony for DAYS, without any compassion , love or comfort, before being taken to hospital where he died!
It is sad and shocking that so soon after Baby P's case this should happen.

Like before, Social Services will be blamed for"not doing something"to prevent this.
Apart from social services "doing something"; isn't it time we start being our brothers' keepers?
Social workers are over-worked , fully booked and they are not clairvoyant.
They cannot attended to everyone or be everywhere, 24 /7.

A lot of suffering could be prevented if neighbours, friends and families start making it their business to be alert and watch out for vulnerable infants.
Infants in this group are:-
1.Infants who live with their mother and a partner who is not their father or with their father and a woman who is not their mother.
2. Children who cry continually . Neighbours should listen .Watch out for reactions of frustration, anger and violence from adults living with irritable kids.
One of the reasons why Baby P was attacked and killed was his incessant crying and demands for love and attention . He was seen as a nuisance and an irritating intruder by his mother and her partner.
3. Children whose parents are under a lot of stress,either financial, emotional, alcohol or drug induced stress or whatever.
4. Children who are unloved and unwanted by their mothers. Some mothers lose interest , once the purpose of having a baby is achieved i.e. getting a council flat and other benefits. Or when a new lover comes into their lives.
5. Children of mothers or parents who spend heavily on expensive fashion and jewelleries . Some of such children could be vulnerable; suffering from inadequate feeding , clothing and medical care.
These and others are signs which social services look out for .
But guilty parents have been known to cover up these signs from social services.
So it is up to people; like neighbours , friends and families who see these children more often than social workers do to blow the whistle on these heartless and irresponsible parents and guardians .
People should see it as their civic responsibility to save lives , especially the lives of innocent defenceless babies who never asked to be born neither did they choose to be born by characters who do not qualify nor deserve to become parents.

Who knows how many children are suffering and dying in silence even as you read this ? Do you know any ? Or suspect any form of child abuse ?
Do we mind our business ; turn a blind eye until we hear another horror story? No!
Please , contact the police and Social Services, immediately.

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