Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Lord ,when you look at me , its your righteousness you see.

I enter your presence with praise and thanksgiving, just as I am;
With arms out-stretched ,saying ,"Abba , Father !"
because I know you will rejoice over me with singing ; all over me ,to do me good.

I joy in you , O God of my salvation;
O God who hears and answers prayer; early will I seek you;
For the aroma of your presence is all around me;
I delight in the beauty and the glory of your courts!
To see your face , the light of your countenance ;
I seek your warm embrace in the beauty of your holiness ;
The Breathe of your nostrils is my life-blood indeed.

You have heard me from your holy hill;
You have sent forth your word into my life ; your word of glory and victory.
You are my God , my glory and the lifter of my head.

Early will I seek thee , tread your courts ,into the aroma of your presence.
When I pray you hear and you answer; you encompass me with songs of deliverance!
Oh Lord my God , early will I seek the aroma of your presence.
For you have shown yourself mighty in my life in a strong city!

Before the kings of the earth , I will praise you;
Declare your power and your glory before other gods;
How majestic , how excellent is your name in all the earth!
How glorious , how marvellous are your deeds in all the earth!

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