Sunday, 19 April 2009


Thanks to all you guys and dolls who volunteered to give our friends at the Euston Centre a wonderful sight-seeing day-out today.
You've been there, always, all year long.
May your joy be full, always.
As if to say " Well done!", the sun shone brilliantly, today!
The Lord is pleased ,indeed, with a cheerful giver.
His grace is our strength .Amen
The driving force in giving to others is the knowledge that we give because we have been given.
And the sight of happy smiling faces; knowing we have contributed to that.
Glad today went smoothly! We made it and the weather behaved itself!
If you could see me now , grinning like the cat that got the cream ;because I've had a fabulous weekend.
Bertie and Callum , thanks for being everywhere and taking care of everybody.
Shirley,Pete for lunch on Easter Monday and for the today's fantastic gift; thanks!
Ayomike; for that long, hilarious chat and all that stuff, I say "hay , ho!" .
- Thanks to Lesley and Simon for your beautiful card and my favourite fragrance.
- Siobhan ,I believe it is well with you and you will get soon .
I am looking forward to many days like this with you all,in the near future.
I hope you liked your gifts.
Specially chosen for you ; because you are worth it. Cheers

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