Sunday, 26 April 2009

"Ne'er cast a clout till May be out !"

Warm weather does make the difference!
I have noticed how it puts smiles on faces and springs in peoples' steps .
Waking up to see bright sunny skies ; to feel the warmth of sunshine would make any body's day.
I have woken up many days in the past week giving thanks for beautiful weather
After months of wintry cold; what else could I wish for? Not much. Certainly not a sudden change in a perfect weather!

Weathermen and ladies do commendable jobs to make forecasts as accurate as is humanly possible. So their competence is not in doubt. What is in doubt is man's ability to keep the weather in check ; to make it conform to initial forecasts!
There are sceptics who are not impressed with any show of early morning blazing sunshine. Neither are they reassured by the relatively reliable weather forecast for the day , promising " fine weather"
What is it in me and millions of other commuters in the City of London which makes us go out with top coats and brollies (umbrellas) in hand every day, even when driving and despite early pointers to a fine glorious day?
Why do we saddle ourselves the extra baggage of coat on arm and brolly in bags?
Is it lack of faith or is it caution or wisdom when I listen to the weather man or lady as they reel out their forecasts of "warm weather , slight showers , with sunshine in between" and like millions of people, I'ld smile to myself and make sure I go out with a coat and a brolly?
We go out "dressed sensibly" not because we disregard the weatherman's efficiency; but because we know that the "warm , sunny morning" could change , suddenly, even within the next one hour!
Change to the "normal English weather" of dark clouds and chilly weather.
One morning, last week , I laughed at the weather man's usual rambling on the news because I remembered someone, recently, describing her estranged husband as "unreliable and undependable as the English weather!"; and vowing to sue him for children support claims for their two children.
Advice to her to be patient and consider other options than litigation , fell on deaf ears!

Oh , poor English weather ! People are always complaining about the weather!
When it is cold and rainy, people call it " sad, miserable weather!"
Blazing hot summer days are not welcome in England because of humidity and the fact that there is an absence of air conditioning in most public places.
The shortest journeys on the Tube and buses are very unpleasant adventures not for the faint hearted!
It has always been complaints galore in the summer.
I remember last year April was unusually, above- average hot(11.6C/ 52.2F).
Quite unusual for spring in London and at the height of it the heat did become unbearable for many people.
The Metropolitan Police officers had to go on a radio talk show to appeal to people to stop calling and jamming their phone lines to complain about the hot weather.
Some of such calls to the police were aired by the talk show host. The complaints were as amazing as they were bizarre.
Someone had called the police to complain that she couldn't think straight , she was dizzy and aggravated because of the heat!
A woman called to say she couldn't find her cat and her glasses.
Others called to complain that they were sitting at home, or out and about shopping , or standing at the bus- stops and train stations and the heat was unbearable for them.
They were calling to inform the Police to do something about the heat.

As for being "unreliable and undesirable" ; that reputation has stuck to the English weather for centuries.
In fact ,unfavourable weather has cost England billions of pounds in tourism revenue and even recently , England lost out to South Africa in the hosting bid for the International Cricket tournament.
The "plus" for the weather is that it makes England what it is ;
a fair , green and pleasant land of beautiful, green rolling pastures.
A dream destination for many ; despite its unpredictable weather!
A centuries-old English adage about the weather is ;
" Ne'er cast a clout till May be out!".
"Button to chin , till May be in
Cast not a clout till May be out !"

Never go out without a coat or brolly until the end of May .
And to be warm , NOT sorry; preferably, not until well into June!
Enjoy the weather while it lasts.

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