Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Little Mercy James has not had a good start in life.
Not only did this poor Malawian child suffer the loss of her mother in infancy; she was placed in an orphanage because her father was too poor to care for Mercy.
So, at a tender age, she has had to contend with life threatening poverty, the childhood trauma of being motherless and of not living with her natural family.

Then came Madonna into her life!
Was this the much needed break ; the new beginning which the merciful God sent into this sad situation?

Madonna must have seen "something" in little Mercy to make her choose that child out of all the children in the orphanage.
Maybe Mercy's life-story touched a chord in the millionairess superstar's heart . But don't all the children in that home have similar or even worse tales of woe than Mercy James?
Something must have qualified Mercy James for the "royalty's" attention.

One of the first words children learn to say , in any language is "NO!".
When most children meet a stranger, even one offering them gifts; and the stranger says "Come here, cutey!", the normal initial response from the child would be to say "No!". Most children would run away and observe the stranger from a safe distance; usually hiding behind a person familiar to them .

Not only was Mercy picked out , she accepted to be cuddled by Madonna.
She could have said "NO!"and stayed away from Madonna .
As a child ,Mercy couldn't have sensed that this strange -looking lady has pots,no, not pots ,a MINT of money . Loads and loads of the stuff!
Even if someone told her that Madonna was a superstar; how could a child know the difference between rich and poor, between a Malawian and a foreigner or care a hoot whether Madonna was single, divorced seven times over or "happily" married?
What this poor little girl could sense was that Madonna's presence lit up her world whenever she visited her. Mercy got enough kind words and cuddles from Madonna which every baby craves for .
The little girl could sense the genuineness which all babies and animals are instinctively drawn to . So , with time, Mercy James bonded with not only Madonna , but with her other children .Even to the extent of calling Madonna ,"Mummy".

Madonna has being stopped by a Malawian court from adopting Mercy James because she is not a Malawian resident.
Apart from the court ruling , members of Mercy's family and others have objected because they see Madonna's desire to adopt Mercy James as "theft"or "sale" of their beloved daughter!
Others say Madonna is unqualified because she is a single mother , a serial divorcee; while some say "these people think they can come here and use their money to do as they like!"

Really ? This,truly,is amazing stuff!

Madonna doesnot NEED to steal or purchase any child. She knew the girl is a Malawian child.At the right time,she would tell Mercy and David about their ancenstry.
Right now , I empathize with her because her good intentions have been misunderstood; for the second time.
"Children are better off growing in their own natural community,with their natural family!" Says who?
How would a happy little girl, well cared for in a loving family know she is "not growing up in her natural community"?
Where were Mercy James'"natural family and community" when she was placed in a home? What did the "respectable happily married, never-divorced and holier-than-holy people" in the community do about her plight before Madonna , the serial divorcee took an in interest in her?
Do people know what growing up in a home does to a person's psyche?
Which is worse; "purchase" and "theft" by a wealthy serial divorcee/"sinner" or life in a children's home?
Madonna suitability as a mother is not in question .Despite her hectic schedule, she makes time for her three children.
If she was not suitable ,right now, I would have been writing about how to prevent unsuitable persons from adopting children!

Now , little Mercy is crying for her new mummy. She is distraught and bewildered. So are Madonna and her other children especially David Banda.
For them , they would go on with their lives but Mercy James is back to square one.

Do people realise that "these people who think because they have money" had other choices and still have choices of going elsewhere to adopt a child?
Why did Madonna choose a Malawian children home? She could have gone else where.

Despite what the the western press beams to world and the TV pictures aired regularly about "unending wars, disease, hunger and poverty" in Africa and Asia; these two continents are not the only places where such problems exist.
There are countries in the so called "developed world" where excruciating poverty, unusual and baffling diseases, wars,serial murders , slums , filth and serious hunger exist!
Social problems abound in affluent countries like the USA , Great Britain and in Europe. Even here, millions of children die from childhood diseases before their first birth day; millions are poor,malnourished, hungry and live in Children Homes, just as in Africa and Asia

Madonna could have decided to adopt a child from any country in the world and in most countries, she would be welcome with open arms.
Divine Favour manifesting upon the lives of David Banda and Mercy James attracted Madonna to them; made her to single them out of all the millions of needy children in the whole world.
David Banda is home-free; settled for life . May the good Lord deliver Mercy James. Amen.
Is someone able to do something reading this? Is it possible to care enough about this girl's emotions and future; CARE ENOUGH to reconsider and rescind this court ruling, please?
The law was made for man , and not man for the law. Mark 2:27

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