Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Bank holiday weekend with gorgeous weather .
Just what we prayed for; just what we needed for a relaxing weekend break!
We had loads of fun ; shopping ,sight-seeing, long drives and Al-fresco dining .
Ended the long weekend yesterday with a sumptuous dinner and refreshing cocktails .

It is barbecue season and there were many BBQ-parties this weekend.
But the shopping malls , all over London, as usual, were the crowd pullers.
Shopping in this economic climate has become a whirlwind of pleasant "deals" and mega-reductions.
It is indeed a shopper's paradise, nowadays.
Most stores are offering 50%price cuts and on some goods 75% reductions.
One is spoilt for choice because there are so many options to choose from at reduced prices, as the major stores in London compete for shoppers.
Problem is; the reduced prices encourage one to buy more, so you end up buying much more than you planned for.
On Saturday, it was a delightful time as we got beautiful, high quality clothes, hand bags, shoes, cosmetics and perfumes at reduced prices,some at half price, even within the opulent section of Westfield Shopping Centre in White City , West London.
It seems that price reductions are not enough any more to lure big -spenders .In order to out-do each other, shops are giving away , for free, gifts and other products.
Which is just as well. So bring it on.

Marks and Spencer sprung a big surprise during the week.
As part of their 125th anniversary celebrations ,they offered a one-penny sale on selected items!
So , top-quality lingerie which should cost an average of £15.00 each, were on sale for 1p each , for 4 days. On a first-come , first -served basis.
Well, needless to say,it was once in a long time offer so there was a massive crowd scrambling for stuff. There were long queques in major M & S stores, all over London ,up to Thursday evening.
M& S knew the stampede this offer would cause. I guess that was why they fixed the sale during working hours. I couldn't be there , so, some of my friends who were off-duty were kind enough to get me dozens of lingerie and other items for me and my family, for under £20.00! It was simply unbelievable.
I am sure everybody is hoping and looking forward to another such surprise sale from M & S,in the near future!
It will be a fun-filled summer,indeed.

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