Saturday, 8 August 2009

Balancing Acts

There are days when you wish that time would stand still or that there would be more than 24 hours to the day. Sometimes, there are so many tasks that it takes sheer willpower to finish even half of them, at any given point in time.
In this society, there are numerous opportunities available for those who care enough to excel in life. To grab them,more people are multi-tasking than ever before.
The prevailing mind-frame is to put in as many nuts or iron rods as possible in the fire. With this lifestyle comes the need to ensure that every aspect of one's life is included in the total package of multi- tasking.
Each life has various facets to it and no man is an island.
There are relationships and commitments to be focused on. Regarding family life, love-life, spiritual life, nine -to -five jobs, businesses, hobbies, interests and having a relationship(time?)with one's self.
Time with one's self means ensuring a balance of the needs for the spirit, soul and body. Like self-grooming,health issues,a personal relationship with God and feeding one's soul with profitable ideas and information form reading,listening and learning.

I assume that at least 70% of the human race have these same aspirations in their lives.I try to adhere to healthy balance by sheer determination.
It has been said that women are better at multi-tasking than men. Maybe.
Whatever, when one has made the choice to maximise one's potential in life, plans should be put in place to ensure that time and efforts expended on various commitments would be well -balanced so that no one aspect is neglected.

Easier said than done because time is fixed and waits for no one.
Every one has preferences and we ,all, reserve the right to choose how and where to apportion our scarce and fixed time.
The depth of love or preferences in our hearts for someone or something , would determine the time and effort we spend on them.
Where there is a will , there is a way.
I enjoy spending my time in the company of some people more that of others who are equally important to me. Also, I prefer spending my time doing certain things more than doing others which are equally necessary to be done .
So, to avoid a vacuum or unnecessary strife in daily living, what do I or anybody do to balance up?
I have discovered that a little bit of self-discipline helps .
The human spirit or human will needs taming to prevent it from scampering off course. A man with a tamed will becomes a creature of habit. Good habits.
Self-discipline is a system of self-control with the aim of attaining stated objectives or targets and maintaining an orderly lifestyle.
There is nothing as embarrassing as forgetting business dates and time; or a family member's or friend's birthday, wedding anniversary or invitations to meet up for, lunch,dinner or a drink!
Forgetting to phone or visit someone you know who is going through a challenging period is an unforgettable faux pas.

I have my own system of controls which may not be the ideal for other people .
My pager comes in handy with ring alerts to remind me of many things.
I input little notes with alerts to remind me of things to do, of appointments ,of phone calls to be made and names of people .
I set up "TO DO" lists at the beginning of each week. Detailing things to do in my work , businesses , family, my relationships and in the church.
Also I plan how much time to spend on each of them.
Even with these controls in place , there are times when I get carried away and spend more time hanging out with my family and friends than earlier planned. That is, doing want I enjoy doing most.
But it is better to plan ahead and not meet targets fully, than not to plan at all.
Whatever the plan of action employed, a dose of self-discipline in any life is imperative to ensure a peaceful co-existence with others.
Have a happy life .

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