Monday, 1 February 2010

Coping With Stress

Good health is an indication of a balance in the human body .
It is a proof that the various facets of the human entity; the spirit , the soul (the mind , intellect and emotions) and the body are correctly aligned .
This balance , or harmony , is evidenced in a sense of well – being , characterised by a high–level of energy , a zest for life ( a merry heart!) with a calm confidence that no mountain is too high to climb.
Malfunction sets in when this harmony between the spirit , soul and body is upturned.

Stress and fatigue are our bodies' ways of letting us know that we are doing something which is not good for our health .
Due to the hustle and bustle of daily living , most people just go on pushing themselves ; to meet up with the rat race.
This striving causes fatigue and anxieties.
Stress is an indication that a person’s energy is being overstretched in excessive concentration on some facets of life to the detriment of others .
When there is a “pull for attention” from the different areas ,as in a tug-of-war; tautness and tension results in the body and mind .
Then stress and fatigue sets in.
Stress is a silent killer and is usually a precursor to heart and mental disorders.
Some of the unpleasant symptons of stress and fatigue are:
Depression, low self –esteem ,persistent feeling of tiredness, migraines, poor concentration , poor memory , sleeplessness, short temper and inability to perform even basic tasks which the person used to do before.
These are the mildest signs of stress in a person.
Stress- sufferers are aggressive and blame everyone for their misfortunes.
Acute stress causes alcohol dependancy, stimulants and drug abuse, schizophrenia ,high blood pressure , heart and mental disorders , suicide and even murder.
Attempting to alleviate stress by resorting to substance or drug abuse leads a person into a vicious cycle. Stress induces cravings for stimulants abuse and the latter brings on additional stress which demands for more drug abuse!

Common stress- triggers are fear, unanswered prayers, anxiety, anger, distress, helplessness, work – related pressures and even heartbreak caused by relationships break down.
Financial burdens ,losses and huge debts are challenges faced by many people, which have crippled countless lofty dreams and resulted in acute stress for millions of people.
The greater the fall in revenue, the greater the risk that the loser would suffer from acute stress.
Crime ,noise, traffic jams, bullying and receiving constant nagging and criticisms are major irritants which could bring on stress.
Other major causes of stress are guilt , failed expectations , terminal diseases and bereavement.
Stress also results from planning and executing a major event, from excessive multi-tasking and competitiveness .

A major underlining factor for stress is Envy.
There are persons who are stressed up because they do not want to see or hear of the the good-fortune of others.
Deep-seated hatred and resentment towards persons who are more successful and who possess what the stress - sufferer desires but cannot attain are destructive maladies.
Persons filled the spirits of Envy and Bitterness are some of the most unpleasant and destructive persons to live, work or socialise with.
Envy is the root of the evils of slander, witchcraft, sorcery and murder.
Inevitably, envy , bitterness and unforgiveness poison the mind and body ;they gnaw on the sufferer's guts and heart resulting in ulcers and acute hypertension .
The Holy Bible describes envy as " the rottenness of bones ". Proverbs 14:30.

From the above , it is apparent that stress must be recognised and treated with dispatch .
The causes , effects and treatment of stress is a vast topic .
Space allows me to state that whatever the cause and level of stress and fatigue; the first step in coping with stress and fatigue is to accept that; it makes for a calmer life if you realise that there are certain things , situations and persons which you can change and there are others which you cannot change .
In order to maintain a fulfilling , stress-free life , you would need to change what you put into your life , into your body and into mind .
Then and only after then , would you change how you feel , what you think and how you look .
You should be your own best friend by taking your life in your hands and making necessary amends.
You cannot run away from your demons. You have to confront them and deal with them.
If refuse to deal with them , sweep them under the carpet , go on a long holiday or on a drinking and drug-popping spree; when you return , they will be there waiting for you and they will welcome you with a warm smile!

The stress-sufferer must act or seek expert counselling to be relieved of stress.
To maintain equilibrium , one has to remove all stress-causers by self-help and by seeking spiritual , medical , financial and legal advice .
If you are your own problem-causer and your attitude has brought stress into your life; then personal life style changes are necessary .
The best way to identify your stress-inducing attitude and to realise the harm they are doing to you and people close to you ,is to ask your family and trusted friends to write you anonymous notes , detailing your bad points.
Trust me , they will tell you exactly what they think you are doing wrong!

To maintain the good changes you have made in your life, you would need the help and counsel of the Comforter, the Holy Spirit .
Stressful periods are when we enjoy the benefits of a life of prayer and faith in God.
Prayer, prevailing prayer is an infallible stress-burster.
Take the stress – inducing challenges to Him for direction and peace of mind.
This close relationship with the Holy Spirit should be maintained , not only in times of stress but after the end of it.
Failure to receive continuous spiritual help would lead to a return to stressful living.
Also ,during your recovering process, decide to love and pamper yourself back to a state of all – round good health.
If you don't do this for yourself, nobody would do it for you.
Say good and nice things to yourself, daily.
Keep away from stressed-up persons who have refused to deal with their stress.
Get involved and interact with profitable people.
Exercise regularly. Give yourself a treat.
Why? Because you deserve it!
Retail therapy, beauty treatment , sauna and full–body massage with warm aromatic oils do wonders to relieve stress and fatigue .
Most of all , know when to stop and take a break from your normal routine.
Occasionally, go for a well- deserved holiday.
Have a stress –free day and a stress-free life!

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