Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Boot for John Terry ?

Should John Terry be sacked as England's foot ball Captain?
No. Definitely No.
Do I support adultery? No again.
Although , Sex Scandals ,wherever they erupt from, don't shock me any more because I am not naive and gullible; that does not mean I would condone infidelity.
While I would not be surprised to hear that certain persons have been caught in sexual sin , there are others who I would expect them to uphold fidelity in marriage.
Especially people under God's authority and those who have so much to lose.

John Terry is an athlete who wears the colours of England , occasionally.
He cannot make policy statements on behalf of his country.
He is not a politician , government official or a Christian clergyman who occupy positions of trust and are expected to abide by strict moral codes.
If John cheated on his wife , that is their private problem and business ; to be sorted out quietly , behind closed doors or , if the two of them so wish , as a free-for-all brawl in the full public glare!
How does his cheating on his wife affect his performance as a star footballer or his position as England Captain?
Is England a squeaky-clean country with high moral standards whose football captain must be a spotless saint or knight in shiny armour?
Since when did we start expecting high moral standards from football stars and other celebrities before we can accept and enjoy the entertainment they give us?
If a precedent is laid whereby every one who is caught in adultery is skinned , quartered and hung to dry ; who will be left standing?
Only those who are innocent and those who HAVE NOT been caught .
Let him who has no sin cast the first stone! John 8:7.

John Terry has performed his duties as a top English footballer , excellently.
Is this the first time he would cheat on his wife?
Only he knows the answer to that because up till now , he had not been found out.
Whatever. Cheating or not cheating. Who cares?
So far, we know that John Terry ,"Terry the Untouchable " , has been a star professional who has maintained a comparably dignified life-style on and off the pitch.
Although , I am not a Chelsea Fan ,Terry's composure and achievements have earned him my admiration and that of Chelsea Club management and millions of fans world wide.
His popularity and professionalism earned him the England captaincy, not his fidelity to his marital vows.
For the above reasons, millions of Britons support that he should remain as England Captain.
For all this public opinion is worth, this being England, I suspect that there will be pressures to "do what is right" and John could lose the England Captaincy.
John Terry's sponsors would also want to keep their images clean ; so he could lose millions in sponsorship deals.

Some columnists wrote that Terry "is a low-down cheat who has betrayed the trust reposed on him and he is a poor role model for the young who look up to him!"
PAW-LEA-SE! Don't make me laugh!
Betrayed whose trust? Role model to which youth?
Don't even mention it! Don't even go there!
The youths look up to him for his skills and ENTERTAINMENT which he gives them as a footballer and not as a role model.
Some of the youth in the U.K. cannot be " role-modelled" by anyone . They have a mind of their own and they are a law unto themselves!
There are stuff about sex and wild living which young persons (even as young as 8 to 12 year-old ) in this country know and engage in which would shock experienced adults like John Terry and his group of eminent friends into stunned silence !
Stuff that would make any self - styled "role model" faint from shock .

As usual , those who would laugh to the bank in this mess are the "Kiss -and-Tell Mistress", the publicist Max Clifford and the gutter press.
This further confirms that there are women who embark on a revenge mission and would derive pleasure from destroying what they cannot possess.
Women and men who have made it a lifestyle to hunt down celebrities are watching and praying for their next big catch to kiss and tell.
The press and other scavengers stand to gain a lot by fanning the flames of any sex scandal and blowing it out of proportion . The hotter the scandal , the more newspapers are sold.
Two months ago , it was all about Tiger Woods and his "transgressions" .
Last month it was the shocking sexual scandal about 60 year-old Mrs.Iris Robinson, top female politician in N.Ireland and evangelical Christian , embroiled in a love affair with a 19 year-old boy ! This scandal has derailed and wrecked her decades-old career as Member of Parliament and her husband , Peter's laudable political career as First Minister of N.Ireland! She has resigned and her husband's position is suspended

I wrote in my blog "Tiger Woods: Getting on With" on 12/12/09 that not only Tiger Woods is guilty ; but that hundreds of other celebrities and millions of " commoners" are cheating on their wives and husbands but they have succeeded in covering their tracks and have not been caught , yet.
As with every secret , there is a Day of Revelation.
Today , the heat is on John Terry .
Who next?
Would married men (and married women )learn from these and previous scandals and keep their pants up , especially when they have so much to lose?
I don't think so .

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