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Crufts Dog Show 2010.

Last week, dog-lovers from all over the world were treated to exciting displays and entertainment from man's best friends , dogs.
It was four days of fun at the world- famous annual International "Crufts" Dog show.
This is the Pet show which I look forward to every year because I am a dog lover and , annually, "Crufts" is guaranteed first class entertainment !

The Cruft Dog show has been held since 1891, when the founder Charles Cruft started it in London .
This year's show took place in the NEC Exhibition Centre in Birmingham ,from 11th to 14th March 2010 . It ended on Sunday night, the 14th, with the "Best of Show" ceremony and the selection of the overall winning "Top Dog" from over 22,000 dogs which participated in the various dog groups of the competition.
The trophy being competed for was the Crufts Best in Show Trophy.
This is the most prestigious title and trophy in the dog world!

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Once again , as in previous years , we were treated to outstanding displays of intelligence and skills by these wonderful animals!
The dogs were superb in every way!
The winner this year was a beautiful, confident and delightful dog called Yogi, a Hungarian Vizsla breed. He had won the Crufts "Gun Dog Group" award two days earlier and 16 awards in previous competitions over the years!
Winning the " Crufts Best in Show " trophy was the only award which had eluded this amazing dog .
After achieving his dream title on Sunday, seven year old Yogi,could retire now in great style; with fame and glory !
Congratulations Yogi! Good boy! Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

Winner of CRUFTS 2010 - YOGI

Best in Show winner - Yogi - winner

As usual , CRUFTS was a very entertaining display of beautiful dogs and the various skill they had learned . All sorts of major dog breeds were represented.

Diverse breeds of Dogs
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Dogs' qualities like their agility , composure , balance , looks , grooming , temperament and obedience were taken into consideration before choosing the overall winner.
Toy Dog Group

The most entertaining displays of the week-long show were the Agility Competitions between dogs from over twenty Dog Clubs in the U.K. and the Dancing dogs !
Crufts 2010 was indeed a fun-filled family outing for the thousands of people who thronged the venue at Birmingham .

Dancing Dogs

Agility Displays

Like in previous years ,all the dogs were well trained and beautifully groomed .
I have always wondered how the dogs could remain calm and well behaved; without quarrelling , barking excessively and biting each other in fierce dog-fights!
I guess the dogs knew they were on show in a very important competition ; being watched by thousands of people!
Some of the dogs even knew when they won or lost in their events.
The winning dogs became very excited and happy ; changing their strides to respond to the prolonged applause from the crowd ; while some of the losers were visibly upset.
Lots of cuddles, kisses and sweets from their owners , soon comforted the dogs!

The other group which drew a lot of applause was the "FRIENDS FOR LIFE" group.
This comprised of mainly Guide Dogs for the Blind or Disabled persons and Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.
Also included in this group were several dogs who had achieved outstanding feats in protecting and caring for their owners .
This year, in this group were the two stars of CRUFTS 2010; Treo , the Army hero dog and his handler ; Sergeant Dave Heyhoe.
Treo and Sgt. Dave Heyhoe
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Treo , " Officer and Gentle Dog"

The celebrity dog and his handler received a standing ovation when they came on stage, on the final day of the Crufts 2010.
Treo is a black Labrador from the 104 Military Working Dogs, in Leicestershire , U.K.
A few weeks earlier , Treo had been awarded the Dickin Medal , the animal equivalent of the elite Victoria Cross,the highest military award, for his gallantry in battle and his meritorious service to Queen and country!
Treo, the remarkable dog, was able to successfully, detect and sniff out the "daisy chain bombs" planted in several road sides by the Taliban, in the Helmand province ; thereby saving hundreds of lives of the soldiers he was working with in Afghanistan.
The Dickin Medal was presented to Treo by Princess Alexander .

TREO the Hero receiving his medal from Princess Alexandra .

Treo ,the War Hero , on duty at the Battle front in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

Another Crufts Show has come and gone.
May this delightful show return , next year and many more years ; to enrich us with the usual fantastic displays which prove that the Creator has given all His creatures , in-built talents and abilities.
If animals ,dogs, can be trained to perform like these; then all living creatures are teachable and potentially useful!
Given the proper training and opportunities ; marginalised human beings , in every society, could perform a thousand times greater feats than they are achieving now.
All God's creatures are bright and beautiful in deed !

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