Sunday, 7 March 2010

Spring has sprung!

Springtime is a period of renewal and of new birth ; not only for plant life but for birds , insects and reptiles.
For all living creatures, it is a time which ushers in a welcome change from the chilly winds, rain and snow of Winter.
For me , Springtime is a very pleasant time. It starts in mid-March and ends by mid May ; it comes with the beautiful sights of fascinating splashes of shades of new green leaves on trees and shrubs and myriads of colours of Spring flower beds.
Some of these spring plants show up as early as in February each year, in London and its surburbs.
They show up every Spring to give us immense pleasure .
Enjoy them while thy last.

Spring Flowers
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Spring , my favourite time of the year , features not only vibrant life and colours ; but also, temperate weather. It is not freezing like in autumn and winter and not sizzling hot like the Summer months of June,July and August.
When I see the tiniest buds on particular trees , shrubs and flower gardens, then I know for sure that Spring is here at last!
Already, in the past fortnight, there have been signs that the weather has changed in London and that Spring time has arrived early this year.
As at this week , there are numerous sightings of Cherry blossoms and Magnolias flowers; and clusters of blue bells , "snow drops" , hyacinths, Lenten Rose , Scilla, tulips and daffodil flowers; which are usually the first to show signs of Spring.
Many major areas in London are lined by these trees and flower beds which come alive in Spring.
They DO give the City a gorgeous look!

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Every year ,I look forward to the "springing forth" in some particular spots in London. One of such "Spring spots" which I look out for each Spring is Hyde Park, London and its beautiful array of varieties of flower beds ; especially its widespread perennial beds of Daffodils .
Daffodils, these yellow cuties, are usually among the first spring flowers to break through the frozen winter soil of house gardens , parks , side walks and wild places!
The most famous Daffodils in the country are those in Hyde Park , London.
They have a Fan Club of millions of people from all over the world who watch for their annual first sighting! Thousands visit these daffodils , every day in Spring and Summer because they have become one of the world-famous "icons of Spring",in London.
This year, as they have done faithfully for years, they are here already; though few in number,as at this week .
But these daffodils are showing the promise of becoming a full carpet of yellow soon; as they did last Spring and in previous years.
I call them "My Faithful Friends"!
( See my blog ," Tides of Life" of 8th April , 2009).
Soon ,joggers, walkers ,riders and sun bathers in Hyde Park will behold gorgeous sights of miles of lovely daffodils like these below.

Carpet of Daffodils in Hyde Park ,London.

Riders in Hyde Park .

Daffodils lining the side walk.

A branch of Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossom Tree

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