Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Beauty in Power

Events of the recent weeks, as the Election Day in Great Britain , draws closer ; bring into sharp focus the beauty and glory in bestowing the privilege of choice on the citizens of any nation.
It is only in a place like Great Britain where democracy is allowed to thrive and the citizen rights are respected that the Prime Minister would "condescend" to walk on the street and speak to ordinary people . Even to the extent of apologising to a "mere woman" whose opinions he had condemned as "bigotry"!
I shudder to think what the security forces of some countries would have done to her ; for "daring to ask" the PM any such question!

There is POWER in the ability to be able to make choices , without coercion or fears; to be free to choose leaders who you think are the most qualified leaders to entrust with yours and your country’s destiny.
The politicians' knowledge that the people do have the power to make choices and have the final say in effecting numerous changes ; has made the various politicians eager to court and to please the electorate .
This is the beauty in having a choice .
It bestows power and glory on the citizens who have that choice .

Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant.
Anything short of this ability to choose freely is akin to the crime of rape of the citizens.
It is an unjust and sad situation for any citizen to be robbed of this God-given power.
In every decent society , the right to choose is given to the citizens as their fundamental human right; undeniable and non-negotiable.
The only persons who are not given the right to exercise this freedom
of choice are juveniles or persons of unsound minds.
Persons of unsound mind are deemed to be incapable and unqualified to make decisions about their own lives and about anything in general.
Children , imbeciles and mentally deranged persons are in this group of persons whose rights to make choices are curtailed and restricted by law and by general public opinion.

When a human being has been stripped of the power to make decisions as to his or her preferred choices , then that person is reduced to the level of mindless juveniles and persons of unsound mind.
When leaders of nations accord their citizens their rightful PRIVILEGE TO CHOOSE between the various Manifestos of the numerous political parties ; such leaders are saying two vital things about themselves, about their integrity and about their future plans for the populace.
One , they are saying they acknowledge and respect the CITIZEN’S ABILITY and INTELLIGENCE to be able to use THEIR SOUND JUDGEMENT to make their own decisions and two ; such leaders are saying they DO have something GOOD and DESIRABLE to offer their country.
Where leaders are on a self-serving mission and do not have the interest of the citizens at heart, they would ensure that such citizens are stripped of the power to choose or remove the leaders.

When a “god “ has nothing good to offer its worshippers; nothing to offer, except sugar-coated deceit and death, he delegates his demonic agents to employ the weapons of fear and threats of death to perpetuate an evil grip and to keep his followers in check and "faithful";thereby heading straight to the Lake of Fire !
If you are offering someone honey , which is regarded, universally, as sweet , desirable and healthy , you need not force or threaten human beings before they would, joyfully accept it , eat it and lick their fingers.
It is when people know that what they are offering is NOT GOOD ENOUGH and it is COMPLETE DECEPTION; then they resort to election rigging, to coercion and threats to life and properties to compel acceptance from the general public.

Democracy is built on the Christian ideals of FREE CHOICE .
That is why democracy CANNOT be accepted and it would not flourish in lands and societies which were not built on Christian ideals of the “ governmental love and care of the people , by the people and for the people”.
Whatever the present unfavourable values in the British society; it is on record that the political , welfare and legal systems of this great nation are based on the laws of God ; as stated in the Holy Bible.
We thank God that there are nations , very few of them ; still left on earth where democracy is allowed to thrive.
Great Britain is one of them and as such , she has become a beacon of Hope and Refuge to millions of people world –wide, who would do anything and say anything; just to be allowed to come in and enjoy a share of the dividends of true democracy.

All over the world , we see and hear of nations where the citizens are being “raped “, daily , in every way; because they have been robbed of their power to choose their leaders and , inevitably , denied the “PEOPLE POWER” to choose their own destinies.
Citizens are dehumanised and disrespected when they are disposed of the power to choose their own destinies through free and fair elections.
In such fake democracies , the governments in power are there because they are the most accomplished riggers of elections , not because they are the people’s choice.
This system of government by election riggers is a VERY PAINFUL rape and insult on the intelligence of the citizens of any nation .
Rape , in whatever form, is not only painful , its very destructive to the human psyche and it is UNACCEPTABLE to God.

When a group of unqualified and merciless individuals gang-up and force their odious selves on the disenfranchised populace of any nation ; such leaders and their generations will be judged; not only by posterity but by God ; whether they believe in God’s judgement or not.
In such situations anarchy and despondence are the order of the day.
Denying citizens to choose freely who leads them is an unwise invitation for diverse problems in the society.
When you dehumanise others you murder your own sleep.

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