Friday, 18 March 2011

Google Earth - Street View

It is exciting to log on to the Google Street View website and see photographs of own front door and those of your friends and family,even when they are thousands of miles away from you.
In addition to satellite maps and photographs , you can actually see moving images of people, animals and vehicles on streets in cities all over the world!
All you do is post in the city and the street address and post code on the website and use the navigational arrows to zoom in on you target spot !
Presto! You would view every thing there!

Google Street View is a vital tool for military and police surveillance..
Also it is fun but for you to see people you know or for them to be able to see you too , on some street somewhere and phone them to tell them that you can see them , at that very moment!
Using my Blackberry phone last weekend, just for the fun of it , I logged on to the streets of some people I know.
On my friend's street in North London, I saw her going for a walk with her dog!
So I called her and asked her where she was going with Arnie( full names of the dog is Arnold Schwarzenegger!).
She asked ,"Tina ? Where are you?"!
"In a car-wash in South London", I replied.
"Gerrout of here ! How can you see us from there!" .
It was funny seeing the surprise and confusion on her face.
My friends , family and I have "SPIED " on each other like this several times before and it is indeed very funny to surprise people like this.

It is fun and it is exciting seeing people and stuff on Google Street View ; but it is also scary and very intrusive.
This means just anybody can monitor anyone's movements , just by logging on a computer.
Google Street View provides 360° panoramic street-level views and allows users to view parts of selected cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas at ground level. When it was launched on May 25, 2007 for Google Maps, only five cities were included. It has since expanded to more than 40 U.S. cities, and includes the suburbs of many, and in some cases, other nearby cities. Recent updates have now implemented Street View in most of the major cities of Australia and New Zealand as well as parts of Canada, parts of South Africa, Denmark, Mexico, Japan, Norway, Finland, Spain, Sweden, France, the UK, Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Taiwan, and Singapore.
On April 15, 2008 with version 4.3, Google fully integrated its Street View into Google Earth. In version 6.0, the photo zooming function has been removed because it is incompatible with the new 'seamless' navigation.
Google Street View, when operated, displays photos that were previously taken by a camera mounted on an automobile, and can be navigated by using the mouse to click on photograph icons displayed on the screen in your direction of travel.
Using these devices, the photos can be viewed in different sizes, from any direction, and from a variety of angles.

Google Earth displays satellite images of varying resolution of the Earth's surface, allowing users to see things like cities and houses looking perpendicularly down or at an oblique angle .
Google Earth allows users to search for addresses for some countries, enter coordinates, or simply use the mouse to browse to a location.
For large parts of the surface of the Earth only 2D images are available, from almost vertical photography.
For other parts of the surface of the Earth 3D images of terrain and buildings are available. Google Earth uses digital elevation model (DEM) data collected by NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM).
This means one can view the whole earth in three dimensions.
Google Earth is able to show all kinds of images overlaid on the surface of the earth is simply based on 3D maps, it has the capability to show 3D buildings and structures (such as bridges).
Many buildings and structures from around the world now have detailed 3D structures; including (but not limited to) those in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, India, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Pakistan and the cities, Amsterdam and Alexandria.
Recently, Google added a feature that allows users to monitor traffic speeds at loops located every 200 yards in real-time. In version 4.3 released on April 15, 2008, Google Street View was fully integrated into the program allowing the program to provide an on the street level view in many locations.

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