Sunday, 6 March 2011

iPad 2 launched in London

Launch Presentation of the New iPad 2 , on 2nd March , 2011.
iPad 2 from Apple's stable is presented as featuring :
New faster chip, the A5, twice as fast, dual core.
Nine times faster graphics same low power.
Built-in Gyroscope.
And it's much thinner... 33 per cent thinner in fact. Just 8.8mm at fattest point.
And lighter, down from 1.5 pounds to 1.3.
And it's gonna be available in black or white from day one!
No sign of the slimmer bezel but has much-predicted flat back.
Looks like the love child of an iPad and a MacBook Air. Very sexy.
And the same price as the original iPad.Starting at $499.
Same ten hour battery life despite all the new gubbins.
Shipping on March 11th, a week on Friday. Better get in the queue.
Talking accessories now... HDMI video out. About time! Cable delivers HDMI mirrored output and works with ALL apps! So that's games too folks. $40 for the cable/dongle.

Very attractive new features on the new iPad , but as much as I love new gadgets,
I will not be tempted to get this one when it swarms the UK market in Mid-march.
No , thank you Apple. This is one more iPad , too soon for me!
Got the first iPad , launched barely a year ago.
I am still fascinated by its versatility as a techno- gadget.
I have spent hours enjoying the "wonders" of my iPad toy and it works for me , just fine.
If something is "not broken" why fix it or change it?
Maybe, I will reconsider my decision by Christmas !

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