Thursday, 11 February 2010

Say it : From the Heart.

It is important to express our love. It is not enough to assume that the people we love know so or should know by now , that we love them.
Of course they know you love them ; if someone loves you or doesn't ; you would know. Even babies can sense such things.
It pays to express our love because love fattens on smooth words and life's greatest happiness is to be convinced that we are loved.
Say " I love you " , in your own special way , this weekend and always.
Say it; not only with cards, flowers, poems , chocolate, cakes and assorted gifts for him and her but by being there for your loved ones.
Whatever way we express love, it should be from the heart.
Most of all , this weekend and always, don't forget to thank God for the gift of love and to thank your loved ones for loving you and being there for you.

Valentine Day celebration is universal.
A day set apart not only for lovers, but also to reach out and touch others. Others like , the extended family, friends, neighbours, the lonely, poor and the needy.
In England , Valentine Day, annually, is celebrated with fanfare . It is the climax of at least three weeks preparation.
This year , shops windows and interiors , started displaying Valentine decorations and stocks, since the last week of January.
There had been adverts offering tempting "lovers discounts"; to stir up lovers' desire to spoil each other in unique ways.
As usual , the baits from the stores were taken and lovers have been shopping, frantically and planning for the D-Day ,on Sunday.
Some London men have taken the matter so much to heart, that weeks ago , they attended booth camp( School of Seduction!).
They learnt how to improve their " toasting tactics" and how to perfect "The Art of Seduction" ! Also how to woo and catch THE woman of their dreams, before Valentine Day and learnt how to court her and make her happy.
Learning how to keep their women happy, not only on Valentine Day, but for life!
Aw ! Isn't that very sweet of them?
The one week course, costing £2,000, was the idea of a London personality coach.

A romantic day would be incomplete without music.
Music is indeed, the food of love.
At least 10 musical concerts and shows have been lined up for this Valentine weekend in major London venues.
Many churches are hosting charity outreaches this afternoon and Valentine balls tonight.Love and marriage seminars started in my church yesterday evening and will end tomorrow afternoon with the Sunday service and a "Love Feast".

Wherever you are , enjoy this weekend of love ; have a ball!.

Katherine Jenkins on MUZU

The delectable opera diva, Katherine Jenkins from Swansea, will be performing at the amazing 02 Arena , London ; on 13th March, 2010. That will be great.
On Valentine night, I am looking forward to an exciting evening of classical concert at the Cadogan Hall ; Sloane Terrace, London.
Popular Violinist , Taro Hakase, from Japan and the English Chamber Orchestra will be entertaining there and then.
Fans have been promised " an enjoyable and romantic evening". Hmmm...
Music is indispensable and highly recommended to add spice to life and to romance.
Or simply, just for the fun and sheer pleasure which music gives.
I enjoy listening to all forms of good music; but Luciano Pavarotti's rendition of the immensely popular aria , from Puccini's opera "Turandot";" Nessun Dorma", is of a legendary class, always!
Although I have listened to the music over 100 times ; it never ceases to fill me with joy and elation!
Infact , I have seen men and women in theatres where he performed; weeping like babies, for joy after listening to Pavarotti's live renditions of
"Nessun Dorma" and "Recondita armonia"!
Pavarotti is greatly missed by millions of his fans , at a time like this.
"Dilegua o notte! Tranontate, stelle! All' alba vincero!
Vincero! Vincero!"

Do have a bubbly and joy-filled weekend!

Brits and Yanks , giving Pavarotti a run for his money!

Aretha Franklin - singing "Nessun Dorma"

Michael Bolton/ Pavarotti

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